Farewell, How I Met Your Mother!


I cannot believe How I Met Your Mother is finally coming to an end tonight. I always wonder if people who aren’t necessarily TV lovers, think it’s weird how attached people get to TV shows. It’s because these shows are with us all the time, they’re by our side through different stages of our lives, always there to rely on. These shows actually shape part of our life – it sounds dramatic but it’s true. 

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale Promo ‘A Is For Answers’

Wow. That’s all I have to say about this. The second half of PLL aka ’4B’, didn’t start off too well. Numerous people were saying the show was losing its touch because we were again asking more questions without being given any answers in return.

As the season has drawn to a close, the last few episodes have definitely provided both the viewers and the liars with a direction in which the finale is going.

The promo for 4×24 ‘A Is For Answers’ looks SO explosive to say the least. After the cliff-hanger from the previous episode too, this season finale looks one to set Twitter alight…again!

Save ONE Show – Vote Here!


E! Online are back with their annual ‘Save One Show’ campaign, in which one show considered in danger of cancellation will win, well…nothing. However, whichever show does win, this is put forward to the respective network and in some cases it’s actually enough to push a renewal through. Continue reading

Review: Taylor Swift ‘RED’ Tour At The O2 Arena, London.


Last Monday (10th February), I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor Swift on tour at the O2 Arena, London. Being the penultimate concert of hers in London, I expected nothing less than a great performance from her. The capacity of the arena is est. 20,000 – it looked absolutely packed. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars 4×20 ‘Free Fall’ Promo, Aria Finally Finds Out?!


The second half of Pretty Little Liars season 4 (otherwise known as 4B), hasn’t provided us with much – both answers wise and general progression. The first half of the season seemed to keep up the pace and managed to keep continuity regarding it being the senior year for the liars’, however, as mentioned above, 4B hasn’t done that so well…Saying that, it seems to be picking up the pace now more seeing as we’re heading towards the season finale. Continue reading