REVIEW – Evil Dead (2013) ****


Running Time: 91 Minutes

Cast: Jane Levy (Suburgatory) Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) Lou Taylor Pucci (Carriers) Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield) Elizabeth Blackmore (Legend of the Seeker)

Now, I’ve not seen the original 1981 The Evil Dead. So this review is based purely on my experience on watching this one alone. At an ‘18’ certificate, you’d expect the film to be fairly gory – which I did, but this was way beyond that, they went all out with the gore, believe me. If you’re squeamish I don’t recommend you watch this film, duly to the extent of gore displayed, it’s a proper gore-fest!

Anyway, the plot; a brother and his three friends go to a remote cabin in order to clamp down on his sister’s drug addiction, forcing her to go ‘cold turkey’. They uncover a mysterious book that is tied together with barbed wire, and as soon as they open and read the book out loud, everything changes, and not for the better. ‘Something’ takes hold of each character one by one, causing them to be possessed by the evil, leading to dramatic and gory confrontations.

I quite enjoyed the film, I felt it didn’t drag, which is crucial, nobody wants to keep looking at the time waiting for it to end. Although it felt they went overboard with the gore, this wasn’t a bad thing, there was just a lot. One of the things I enjoy most about films is the way they can affect you, whether that be you connect with the story or even if a character, a good film is a film that makes the viewer feel something and this certainly did. Perhaps not in the best/conventional way, but it still affected me, in the form of making me dry-heave at points because it was so gruesome (needle in eye, slits tongue in half, enough said). Now I’ve seen many horror films in my time (including the Saw franchise) and they’ve never affected me in the same way this film did, it was just so god damn gross.

Despite making me squirm and moving on to the film itself, I generally like the pace and the transitions in the film. There wasn’t too much backstory, but enough given in order to understand each character and their own individual quirks/worries. The only reservations I had about the film was that I felt maybe a little more of a build-up was due, even if it was just a small bit similar to how Cabin In The Woods did theirs. Additionally, something that really frustrates me with films these days, is when they show footage in the trailer for a film and then it’s not in the actual film. I understand they will cut footage, but surely that’s false advertising. The Paranormal Activity series is well-known for doing this in virtually all their films, one example being the fourth instalment where they included NONE of the footage featured in the trailer in the film, I repeat NONE. Evil Dead cut potentially the best scene of the film, if you’ve seen the trailer you’ll know what I’m on about, the creepy bit with the girl singing/grunting with her head lifting the basement door open – gave me the creeps, but no they cut it in the film!

In what was perhaps the most-anticipated horror film in years, Evil Dead didn’t fail to disappoint, it wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t bad. Fede Alvarez certainly brought the gore back to horror films and for that I give Evil Dead…

Extra: After 2 minutes or so of credits, a narration of the story begins followed by an extra 5 second scene, fans of the original will understand.


3 thoughts on “REVIEW – Evil Dead (2013) ****

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  2. Great review. I got to say, I really enjoyed this movie. I was nervous going in that it wouldn’t honor Sam Raimi’s masterpiece, but thankfully it played plenty of homage to the original. While part of me does miss the humor, I don’t mind that much since I got plenty of action and gore.

    I finally got around to reviewing this movie on my own novice, review-blog. I could always use an experienced critic’s opinion to help me fine-tune my reviews. Check it out if you get the time.

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