Who should host SNL next season?

SNL has been going for a good 30+ years now, so I can imagine it’s hard to find new people to host the show that is so popular. Many celebrities have hosted numerous times (SNL veteran Kristen Wiig has to be my favourite). Question is, who should host next?

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Top 20 Songs Glee Should Cover Next Season!!

Whilst I think Season 4 of Glee has probably been the best in terms of song choices, there are still songs I would like to see covered on the show. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but sometimes when I’m listening to the radio and a song comes on, it think ‘why haven’t Glee covered this yet?’ then I go on to think who I can imagine singing it etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED so many songs Glee has covered – I mean they’ve just celebrated their 500th number and I’ve probably liked 85% of them! I should probably thank Ryan Murphy for introducing me to songs I might not have heard/or liked prior to the show! The writers get a lot of slack, due to the lack of character development, consistency, and some of the storylines in general, but if there is anything Glee does best, it’s the music. Below is a list of 20 songs I would like to see covered on Glee – including which character(s) I would like to see sing the song:

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The Big Bang Theory – Who is the best couple?

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