Too many finales, nothing left to watch? My thoughts on the Glee season 4 finale!!


So it’s that time of year again, when all our favourite TV shows finish up for the season. If there is one thing I am, it’s impatient. Girls only finished a month ago, yet I feel like I’ve been waiting for the next season for years. The Following finished on Monday with a MASSIVE cliffhanger, now it’s Glee’s time.

4×22 ‘All Or Nothing’ is the focus of many Glee storylines, this is the episode where everything should be getting tied up, however, unlike the past three seasons, this one will be different. S5 will actually be a continuation of events.

A wedding?

After seeing the promo, they mention a surprise wedding will take place, this is obviously meant to make everyone think it will be a Klaine wedding after the last episode. I think the Blaine line to Sam ‘I was kinda hoping that you’d be my best man’ is taken out of context, he will probably say something like, ‘I’m not getting married now, but when I do…I was kinda hoping that you’d be my best man’. I wouldn’t completely dismiss a Klaine wedding, but I just think it’s too obvious, Will said in the beginning of 4×21 that him and Emma will get married after Regionals, Jayma has been confirmed to appear in the finale, so my bet is on them tying the knot, plus they wouldn’t need the big build up, because they kinda already had the wedding (without the vows).


I watched the promo where it loops three times, so I kinda remember it off by heart now. Anyway, Mr Anderson (Blaine) is shown opening a bottle of champagne, now either this is about the wedding…or it’s because they’ve just won Regionals, whichever one, we’ll have to wait and see. I do like the song choices though, ND will be singing ‘Hall of Fame’ by The Script, ‘I Love It’ by Icona Pop and All or Nothing (Original Song). I put my money on them winning Regionals, I mean it would be a bit of a pointless build up after the whole Sectionals fiasco. Although, they could lose and have the first half of S5 focused on graduating. Also, the ND main competition has Jessica Sanchez singing for them, but still…I vote for ND win! – I’m pretty sure I read an interview with Chord saying that we will find out if they win during this finale (please give us something, can’t. deal. with. too. many. cliffhangers.)

Who is catfishing Ryder?

I’ve been like a yo-yo with this, first I though Unique, then Jake, then Kitty, then Jake again. I’m really hoping I’m wrong here, I love little Puckerman too much and think it would be soooo cruel if it were Ryder’s best friend leading him on. I mean, I get that Ryder crushing on and kissing Marley was completely inappropriate, but to do this would be just as bad, if not worse. My reasons for thinking it was Jake are:

  • In 4×18 ‘Shooting Star’ – When Ryder rung the phone, it was in someone’s bag. I watched this episode like three times and noticed Jake was the only person who didn’t have his phone on him. 
  • It would kinda make sense why this ‘Katie’ girl would ask him if he still had feelings for Marley, Jake wouldn’t have to directly ask him then. Don’t you think it was also a little odd how after that computer conversation in 4×16 ‘Feud’, they sing ‘Closer’ and Jake seems to have forgiven Ryder, after being SO angry the previous episode?
  • Purely just to hurt him. Jake isn’t the sappy type, but you can tell that he really loves Marley, he wouldn’t want another guy who she happens to be really close to, having feelings for his gf.

As I said, I hope it isn’t him, also read that Marley takes the wrap and says it was her. If anything that would kind of disprove my theory, I don’t think Jake would be a coward and hide behind his girlfriend, he can take the heat, whereas if it is someone as obvious as Unique, she is quite shy deep down and would probably confide in Marley, out of any of the girls.

Someone is leaving? 😥

Something in me has to keep hope alive that it isn’t Brittany, but it’s all there really, HeMo is pregnant and she wouldn’t have had the baby by the time S5 goes in to production. I guess it comes down to what happens regarding her future (Brittany I’m on about) all this with her going back and forth to MIT, could offer her and her character an escpae route to ‘guest star’ on the show. E! Online mentioned in a post that someone from the Regionals picture won’t be returning as a series regular…they never said that someone will be saying goodbye or someone will be leaving, but they will not be a series regular. If the rumours are true about S5 being split in two, then this could work? The first half of S5 is apparently meant to be leading up to graduation, with the second half following the graduates wherever they go. A few questions about that though, if Heather does temporarily leave she won’t be back till Mid-season, depending on what happens in the finale, why wouldn’t she graduate? if they do go ahead with the second half idea, where will the newbies go? – I’ve actually warmed to them the second half of the season.

Rachel’s callback

I think this will be one of the cliffhangers, Rachel will be singing the last song in the episode, so I reckon she’ll sing it and then we’ll get the closing theme song. Do I think she’ll get it? I’m really undecided, either way I’m happy with the outcome. I want Rachel to succeed, I really do, yet on the other hand I think she’s had it too easy. I mean there is Rachel who gets accepted to NYADA and wins the winter showcase, and then there is Santana who is struggling in NY, she doesn’t know what she wants or how to get it, which is how it should be. As much as Glee is a fictional programme, a lot of kids/teenagers watch the show, it’s not right to make the audience think that once you’ve finished college/school that you’ll be handed it all on a plate. I think it would make a much better storyline if she doesn’t get it, yet I like Rachel so I want her to be happy, in the words of Natalie Imbruglia, I’m torn (how very relevant).

I am REALLY looking forward to the finale and I’m not. As long as HeMo doesn’t leave (for good) I’m pretty much don’t care what happens. We already know we’ll get no Finchel in the ep which makes me sad, but we will get Brittana. I’m a Brittana fan and the fact that Naya Rivera (Santana) tweeted to say she was shooting an emotional scene, makes me scared and hopeful. Taking it either way, I’m hoping it’s a ‘happy’ emotional, like Brittany and Santana get back together and not bye-bye Brittany. ALSO Santana is on fondue for two – win! Again, I hope this isn’t because HeMo is leaving and Ryan Murphy wanted to give us something to remember. Everyone has been calling for Santana to meet Lord Tubbington and be on the show ever since she cancelled when Brittany was going to ask her to prom. Here’s to hoping there wasn’t too much thought put in to it and RIB just thought it would be nice…?

That’s all for me blabbering, I think I now have eye strain from staring at the computer screen, please feel free to comment discuss with me 🙂

I leave 4×22 ‘All or Nothing’ season finale promo with you:


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