The Big Bang Theory ‘The Bon Voyage Reaction’ Recap


Its season finale time over at The Big Bang Theory, drawing their sixth season to a close, we see Leonard presented with a once in a life time job opportunity to work for Stephen Hawking, away at sea for 4 months.

The episode opens with Howard talking to the guys in the canteen at CalTech, telling Leonard he’s recommended him for a physicist job, which is essentially working for Stephen Hawking, Leonard doesn’t believe he has a shot, and although we don’t see it on screen, we’re soon shown that providing Leonard accepts, the job is his.

I sort of feel sorry for Sheldon when he’s trying to (and failing) to subtly warn Leonard off the job. You can tell that Sheldon is just scared of Leonard going away, because he depends on him so much and also because he’s his best-friend and Sheldon is his…even if they don’t say it often. When Leonard tells Penny, she’s really supportive, which just shows how far Penny’s character has come, but also how their relationship has developed over time. She doesn’t want to be selfish; Howard’s had his time in space (and gloated numerous times) now it’s Leonard’s time to shine.

The gang throw a little going away party for Leonard, in which Sheldon makes a short and snappy speech about being proud of Leonard. We then see Penny, Leonard and Sheldon parked in the ‘illegal’ red bay – which Sheldon keeps reminding us of. In an emotional farewell between the pair, we see the two lovers part ways shortly after saying ‘I love you’ to each other. This bit literally broke me. The episode was kind of left on a cliff-hanger though, I wonder if they’ll go down the whole, Howard/Space route at the start of the next series, because obviously Leonard can’t be missing for long?

In the other story of the episode, we see Raj and Lucy’s ‘situation’ changing. Raj tells her he wants her to meet his friends, they figure out it will be easier for her, if she meets Raj’s friends one by one. After a mini dispute amongst the gang, over whom this should be, the victor is…Amy Farrah-Fowler. Raj cooks dinner for the two women and whilst Amy’s questions may be very forward, it’s actually Raj that gets to Lucy, putting pressure on her to define what their situation is. Over Skype Raj and Lucy talk things over, he invites her to Leonard’s leaving do, telling her the focus won’t be on her, but Leonard, an invite she begrudgingly accepts. When at the party, Raj is nervous Lucy won’t turn up – now even though I know the show very well and Raj’s unfortunate luck with the ladies, I actually had hope for his relationship with Lucy. He gets a text from Lucy to say sorry she couldn’t come and that she thinks it’s better if they part ways, I really felt for Raj, this is the first woman he seems to have really connected with, but just like that, in one foul swoop, both Penny and Raj are without their other halves’ (and no, luckily we don’t get a repeat of the season 4 finale!). The big breakthrough, apart from Penny’s selflessness, is Raj FINALLY breaking the things that’s been haunting him all these years, speaking to women. In a heart to heart, he talks to Penny without alcohol, may I repeat without. The final scene of the sixth series is the girls presumably having ‘girl’s night’ with the addition of Raj, evidently without wine nattering on about him and Lucy , to which Amy makes a remark ‘does he ever shut up’.

With that, we have the final episode of season 6. How are you going to cope without TBBT for the next few months? Join me back here in September when season 7 of The Big Bang Theory resume – I can’t wait, and I’m sure if you’re reading this, you can’t either!!


  • ‘If you’re gonna screw things up, it’s gonna be when you’re here, not when your away’ – Penny to Leonard
  • ‘One of the things that got me through Howie going to space for so long, was getting married before we left’ – Bernadette to the group
  • ‘I spoke to my new lady-friend about meeting you all and she thought it would be easier with just one’ – Raj

‘Maybe she’d be better off meeting a girl first’ – Penny

‘Bernadette?’ – Raj

‘What the hell?’ – Penny

‘Your very pretty, that could be intimidating to another woman’ –Raj

Hey, you don’t think I’m pretty enough to scare your girlfriend?’ – Bernadette

  • ‘So have you ever spent a long time on a boat before?’ – Bernadette

‘Yeah’ – Leonard

‘Are you referring to the time we got stuck on It’s A Small World at Disneyland?’ – Bernadette

‘Yeah’ – Leonard

  • Sheldon doing his best to be happy for Leonard, with the help of Penny.

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