TV Pilots 2013/14 – Missed Opportunities?

First of all, being from the UK I’m fairly new to this whole ‘pilot process’, however I do think I’ve cottoned on quite quickly if I say so myself. I’m sure like every other year, there were disappointments regarding what did (and didn’t) get picked up. I personally think there were a few hidden gems amongst the 97 pilots that were ordered, and although each network’s schedule are shaping up nicely (ABC especially) There are quite a few I’m not ‘sold’ on after seeing the trailers. To name a few shows that I’m pissed about:

  • Murder In Manhattan ABC – Set in NYC, this dramedy centres on a mother/daughter pairing who try and team up to take down the cities criminals. Verdict: When I thought of what this show would be like, I imagined Lorelai and Rory (Gilmore Girls) take on NYC. I would’ve taken any chance on a comedy drama that would even touch on the Gilmore Girls because I miss it so much. Despite not getting picked up by ABC it’s not dead in the water (nor is the possibility of GG film), apparently it is being shopped around the other networks – there is still hope!
  • Delirium FOX – Plot: In a world where love is illegal and can be eliminated with a ‘special’ procedure, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable and falls in love; with 95 days until her ‘treatment’ is scheduled. Verdict: Based on the best-selling book trilogy I really thought this show had potential, with Gregg Sulkin attached (you may know him from Pretty Little Liars Ezra’s brother, Wes? The futuristic theme is all of the age at the moment so I was quite sure this would get picked up, even if it did end up being cancelled mid-season, but no obviously FOX didn’t think so. 
  • Hatfields and McCoys NBC – Set in present day, two former feuding families, soon reignite the infamous feud from years ago after a death that affects both parties. It all comes down to the blue-collar McCoy’s testing the wealth and power the Hatfield’s possess, whilst both families compete for control of the city. Verdict: The cast was strong enough, with the likes of One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush signed on after her failed show Partners last year, which got cancelled soon after being ordered. I think it was the concept that really let this down, it seemed to much like Dallas to me!
  • Brenda Forever NBC – Sounding very similar to the 2004 film 13 Going On 30, this pilot is based on 31-year old Brenda (Ellie Kemper) who still marches to the beat of her own drum. Interwoven are stories from her teenage years, of when Brenda was a 13-year old chubby, awkward, yet confident girl. Verdict: All in all, it displays a good message to the younger generation, no matter how much people put you down, as long as you believe in yourself and that is enough, then nothing is stopping you, is what I ultimately get from the idea of this show. I’m sad it didn’t get picked up, not just because Ellie Kemper starred in my favourite film ever (Bridesmaids) but also because the concept of the show seemed pretty good, shame.

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