Who should host SNL next season?

SNL has been going for a good 30+ years now, so I can imagine it’s hard to find new people to host the show that is so popular. Many celebrities have hosted numerous times (SNL veteran Kristen Wiig has to be my favourite). Question is, who should host next?

1. Rebel Wilson 931032-rebel-wilson

She’s more than capable of hosting, she single-handedly hosted the MTV Movie Awards last month and is becoming a more well-known star in Hollywood by the minute. Wilson appeared in Kristen Wiig’s debut screenplay, Bridesmaids so she could put in a good word for her! If she doesn’t host next season, then they’re aren’t doing something right, because she’s fresh, funny and I can already picture her monologue, go Rebel!

lea michele paris july 20121258494501_cory_monteith_lgMV5BMjExOTIzODMwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTEwMDg2OA@@._V1._SY314_CR3,0,214,314_'Glee: The Music' CD Signing with Darren Criss, Los Angeles, America - 22 Apr 201119th-Annual-Woman-In-Hollywood-Celebration-October-15-2012-naya-rivera-32492176-2075-2910-1

2. Glee Cast

I’m particularly talking about Lea Michele (aka Rachel Berry), Cory Monteith (aka Finn Hudson), Chris Colfer (aka Kurt Hummel), Darren Criss (aka Blaine Anderson) and Naya Rivera (aka Santana Lopez). Despite a decline in ratings since the majority of the cast’s characters graduated, Glee is still massive. The show has already been given a fifth AND sixth season, so they aren’t going anywhere. They all have side projects, Lea Michele has an album AND book coming out soon, so this would be a great opportunity for her – she’s also starred in the 2011 hit film New Year’s Eve so the stars of Hollywood are familiar with her. Hosting SNL would be a great promotional opportunity for Lea, not just that she is a funny girl, so she would fit right in.

Lea Michele’s boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith would also be a good fit for the show. He may not have the same level of experience Michele has had (Spring Awakening etc.) But he also has a film out fairly soon and he’s VERY popular with fans. Monteith has that SNL look about him, if you know what I mean, I’d love to see him host next season!

Chris Colfer is a natural born comedian, his character on Glee and Struck By Lightning (which was Colfer’s film debut – he wrote, produced and starred in the film) seem very similar to how I imagine Colfer is in real-life. I have no doubts that Colfer’s career will only get bigger & bigger as time goes on. He’s already had made his first film, written three books and stars in one of the most popular TV shows around, now you can see me reasoning, after all Colfer is only 23 years-old. Chris Colfer has that comedic charm so instantly when I thought who should host it and who would be capable of hosting, I thought of Chris Colfer. Mind you, at only 23 he may be a little too young to host at the moment, so lets hope for the future 🙂

Brought in with the intetion of just being a love interest Darren Criss‘s character Blaine on Glee has become a firm fan favourite. Alongside his role on Glee DC is in the midst of his own ‘Listen Up’ tour across North America, with almost all dates being sold out after tickets were released. Darren Criss is also starring alongside Kristen Wiig in the 2013 film Girl Most Likely (formerly ‘Imogene’). Again, having ties with Kristen Wiig can only do good things for your career especially as she’d be able to put in a good word. As much as I think Darren would be HILARIOUS on SNL, I don’t think he’s well-known enough like say Chris Colfer and Lea Michele are to the majority to host just yet, seeing as Glee isn’t necessarily a show all adults watch or are aware of. I’m still rooting for you Darren…one day!

My final member of the Glee cast I’d like to see host would be the lovely Naya Rivera, she too has an album and film out. She might not necessarily be a household name, but like her other cast members she has a big fanbase known as the ‘Nayaholics’. What better way to promote yourself and your work than to host SNL? I’ve seen a number of Naya Rivera’s interviews and she seems hilarious. She has the experience too, after hosting the GLAAD awards a few years back. If herself, Lea Michele or Darren Criss were to host they’d be more than capable, but not just that, they could also be their own musical guest, they ALL have albums coming out so it makes perfect sense. To sum it up, any of the above Glee members would work a treat and I’m sure they’d have the Glee fandom behind them!!

Jim Parsons Kaley_Cuoco_pca_12

3. Kaley Cuoco/Jim Parsons

Over the past few years TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) has shot to success. What used to be a fairly niche show about four geeks and their hobbies such as playing Dungeons and Dragons has become widely recognised. Kaley Cuoco hosted the PCA’s two years running and that is a big award show watched by millions in the US, so she’s certainly got what it takes to host the show. I can envision Cuoco hosting and really pulling it off! As for Jim Parson’s who I think would be a natural, I’d love him to do it, but I just don’t think he would for some reason. He’d fit right in with the SNL cast though. 4.


4. Mindy Kaling or Lena Dunham

Both women have their own shows which they write for, star in and produce so I understand they have a lot on their plate. However, with both shows having comedic elements, Dunham or Kaling would be able to write their own material and I’m sure they’d have the audience in stitches. Also, they are both quite new on the scene, so it would be a good opportunity to showcase their talents to those who don’t already know who they are!


5. Sandra Bullock

I’m baffled as to why Sandra Bullock hasn’t presented, my only guess would be that she’s been asked but turned down the opportunity? If for some odd reason she’s never been approached I think Sandra Bullock would be the perfect host, she has plenty of experience, she’s respected by the Hollywood elite and she’s adaptable, so she could play whoever in whatever sketch. If you’re not convinced by now, how can I convince you?


6. Ryan Gosling

He may be taking a break from acting at the moment, but perhaps he could make his comeback by hosting SNL? Again, he’s a household name so there aren’t any problems there. He reminds me of a slightly younger Ben Affleck who’s presented the show before, so why not? Gosling has quite a following so the ratings wouldn’t be a problem, it’s not a question of should he host, it’s more WHEN will he host?

avengers assemble premiere 5 200412

7. Robert Downey Jr

What I’m wondering is WHY HASN’T RDJ ALREADY HOSTED? I can’t get my head around the fact RDJ has never hosted the show, to me, he’s the epitome of SNL. He’s lively, he makes fun of himself and others and he’s VERY VERY popular, add that to the fact he’s one of Hollywood’s most famous – didn’t he get payed a stupid amount like $50m for Avengers Assemble and I’m out of ways to try and convince you. He’d be perfect for SNL. He must’ve been asked by now, surely? Which shatters my hope a bit, because you’d of though he would’ve hosted by now, although he has been quite busy over the past few years with the Sherlock Holmes films and Iron Man so it’s understandable – this is what I’ll keep telling myself, he’s too busy! Never say never, I’m not giving up 😉

Who would you like to see host SNL in the future, leave a comment – I’d really appreciate it, thanks! Until next time… 😉


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