Disgraceful! Melissa McCarthy BADLY Photoshopped For ‘The Heat’ Promo Posters.


As I’m sure you can see in the above photos, someone hasn’t been doing their job properly. In what has been noted ‘one of the worst Photoshopped images ever’ Gilmore Girls actress, Melissa McCarthy has been digitally altered so badly, it’s insulting. The images come from the promotional poster for her new film ‘The Heat’ in which she co-stars as an FBI agent with Sandra Bullock.

I mean what’s with people these days? Any normal person would much prefer the image of McCarthy on the left, where she looks happy, healthy and beyond anything else, herself. I know Hollywood are pretty obsessive with their airbrushing, but this is just plain stupid. They’ve completely slimmed her down, it in no way looks natural whatsoever.

No kidding, if I hadn’t seen the original image, I probably wouldn’t have known it was her; even if she is one of my favourite actresses. I don’t understand the logic in this, the film looks really good, but surely with a promotional campaign like this, they aren’t helping themselves, which is a shame. No one is going to want to see a film that is so artificial in it’s promotion.

If Melissa McCarthy sees this – which I’m sure she will, I hope either A) takes a stand or B) takes it with a pinch of salt. I only say this, because I’m sure she’s well aware of what the ‘business’ is like. I hope she isn’t hurt by the idiotic actions of those involved, that edited the image(s).

One last thing, do they not realise that people who do go to see the film will see what she REALLY looks like (if they’re not already familiar), I mean c’mon, really? Melissa McCarthy, I wouldn’t rise to it, you’re beautiful as you are!


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