‘The Mentalist’: Red John To Be Revealed Next Season?


We’ve been waiting long enough to find out who the infamous ‘Red John’ is, in the CBS comedy-drama The Mentalist and it looks like the upcoming sixth season will finally be the unveiling of the serial killer.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Robin Tunney who plays Teresa Lisbon (love interest for protagonist Patrick Jane played by *the gorgeous* Simon Baker) on the show, talked of the format for season six and just when we will find out who ‘Red John’ is, after five years of playing ‘the guessing game’.

Whilst saying she hasn’t been told herself the identity of the crazed killer, she did say: ‘‘Bruno (Heller – creator of the show) said it absolutely is the real deal…apparently we’re gonna find Red John in season six.”-  At this point in the show, six goddamn series! I’m glad they’re making progress as to finding out who it is. Of course this being they know who Red John is and it’s not just one of those ‘the viewer finds out and has to wait a lifetime until the characters themselves find out’ – many TV shows have tortured me with this before, not good for the impatient type, I’ll tell you that.

Moving on, Tunney also said “I think it’s going to be serialised, so it’s going to be all about finding Red John and not sort of crime of the week every week…hopefully it will sort of be reinvigorated in a way, because it’s fun to switch things up, you don’t wanna feel like Groundhog Day.”

When asked if she thinks the show can continue once Red John is revealed she had this to say “I don’t know, I mean personally I think people watch the show cause they like to watch Simon Baker…I feel it’s more of the character Patrick Jane rather than sort of his motive. His whole objective has been to find Red John and I’m not sure if that’s why people watch, it’s hard to tell.” Speaking of her own feelings towards the possible end of the show “I think we all have this great nostalgia about doing the show and I have a great time doing it, but the idea of it ending would be great as well, cause you could do something else, I don’t know.”

My theory (which I hope doesn’t happen): Patrick Jane is Red John. He never got out of the psychiatric hospital and is dreaming up this whole scenario of trying to find out who killed his wife and child, when it was actually him. Sort of Shutter Island style. Lisbon is his doctor, Van Pelt is the person to give him his injections/pills, Rigsby is the porter and Cho is the person he talks to, like his therapist.

I literally just thought this up a few seconds ago, but really if this did happen I’d be crushed and spooked at the same time. You never know with TV shows, they can do all sorts of crazy stuff. To quote Ellie Goulding; ‘anything could happen’ Watch this space!


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