Questions About The Revenge S2 Finale!


The season finale of Revenge ended on more than one cliffhanger, with more questions than answers. When E4 (the channel that it’s shown on in the UK) delivered the news ‘Revenge will return early next year’ I was like ‘WHAAAAAT?!’ I can’t wait that long; here are my questions/theories about the finale and what might happen next…

1) Why was Declan at Grayson Global in the first place? (it’s not like Jack actually told him he was there…strange) 

2) Did Daniel kill Aiden? I don’t think he has it in him personally (I know he shot Tyler, but that was self-defence) Mind you Daniel loves Emily, maybe he got Aiden out of the picture so him and Em can live happily ever after…Yeah, not going to happen in the Hamptons anytime soon I don’t think!

3) Why didn’t/hasn’t Victoria told Charlotte that the father of her unborn baby is no longer with us? Fair enough Charlotte needs to be looked after so the baby is healthy, but delaying the truth won’t help matters. Also, if Victoria doesn’t tell her daughter that her father technically killed her boyfriend I will be SO annoyed.

4) Victoria, why don’t you just leave Conrad? Like I’m sure you won’t be ‘penniless’ there are assets that I’m sure you have access to. I would not stay with Conrad for one minute after he revealed all about his ‘special deal’ with Helen & Co. He helped kill the love of your life and so far you’re just staying with him, no. 

5) Not sure if it’s just me, but was ‘Patrick’ the guy who Conrad hired to blow Grayson Global up? I don’t know why I think this, but he seems to have more of a part than just being on the Initiatives payroll. There were photos of him at Takeda’s, I think he could be Patrick and Conrad will say to Victoria, if you try to send me down, I’m taking your first-born son with me?


– Conrad I REALLY dislike you. You are working your way up to the top of my ‘most disliked TV characters’, pal you wanna get yourself off of there. Not to say I’ve ever liked him, but when he revealed he essentially was the Initiative I was just mad. Why do that to your family? How does that somehow give you power by scaring them? 

– The Nolan/Declan scene was one of the saddest things I’ve seen on television for a while. It had me in tears (I’ve watched it more than once too) Just Nolan saying ‘I’ll get the best doctors’ and Declan saying ‘I need something you can’t buy, time’. Then he said, to look after Jack and I was a mess. TV shows ALWAYS manage to do this to me!

– Finally, being in the UK we got the finale split in two parts which I had mixed feelings about. However, I do think I took more in with it being split in to two episodes. The very last scene with Jack and Emily when she reveals her identity to him was the best part. Bit of an annoying cliff-hanger, but it’s been working up to that moment for so long, that when it happened it had to be perfect and it was. Em/Amanda was vulnerable, we don’t see that side of her often. No kidding, the ‘I’m Amanda Clarke’ line sent shivers down my body it was so brilliantly acted, along with the flashbacks to their childhood that accompanied it, just wow. 

I can’t wait for Season 3 to air. WE NEED ANSWERS!!


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