Glee Latest News In; Four Characters Dropped From Season Regular Status!


The news we’ve been waiting for since season 4 of Glee finished; who’s penning what on their contracts?

It’s been revealed Heather Morris, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr. and Amber Riley have all be demoted to guest stars. With Diana Agron out the picture, no mention of when or if she’ll be returning, if so she’ll probably only be returning for a big event – which is a real shame. It hasn’t been said whose decision this was, whether it be the Glee creators or the actors themselves. We all know Diana has just finished filming her movie The Family so it’s expected she’ll be wanting to keep her schedule fairly clear to be able to commit to film opportunities. 

In regards to the other four I’m not too surprised; Harry was really underused, he barely uttered a word the whole time he was on screen – like at the wedding, he actually didn’t speak at all. Amber was also way underused, I get that they can’t just have the characters show up here and there if they’re supposed to be moving on, but Glee and consistency don’t usually go hand in hand. Hopefully when they do have Amber, they’ll utilize her incredible voice this time.

Sad about Heather, but again not much of a surprise; hoping she’ll come back in the latter part of season 5 and then become a either a regular, season 6 (here’s to wishful thinking) or become a very active guest star. Mark as Puck seemed to be what the show was lacking last season. They upped Santana’s game – her quick wit as always was hilarious, but seemed to miss the mark with Mark (no pun intended) he brought the funny to Glee, and despite their best attempts of using Chord as the funnyman he kinda annoyed me at times.

I like the new cast, but part of me just wants to see the original Glee members all go to NY/LA whatever is appropriate and see them for S6! Like Finn, Rachel, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Blaine and Artie in NYC and the rest in LA.


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