Skins Fire Disappoints: Cruel, Heart-breaking And Arguably The Worst Skins Ending EVER!!


I watched Skins from the first ever episode of season one, where we were introduced to Tony et al. I have never been to disappointed with the show and have always been quick to defend their actions when others question the show.When Chris died at the end of season two, I was heartbroken, yet at the same time it seemed a good idea to show that life isn’t straightforward and people will face heartbreak, experience the loss of loved ones and need to grieve. So in a way, it seemed realistic for a TV show which was showing their target audience ‘what you don’t see’ of a teenagers life and projecting it on to a bigger scale.

After the first generation moved on and we welcomed the second, people were left wondering will they kill someone off this time round, because out of a ‘friendship’ group made up of again, 8/9 people, it would be a bit more unrealistic to do so. Boy were we wrong because the penultimate episode of season four, Freddie was murdered – very brutally. This seemed totally harsh and uncalled for. The situation in which he died made it worse and once again, Skins broke our hearts.

Another character died in season six in a tragic car accident – but I’m not going to go in to that too much, because I wasn’t fond on generation three…Anyway after six series of the teen drama, we were given the news that there would be a seventh and final season of the show, which would follow a different format to the previous seasons.

It was later revealed, we’d have three 2-hour specials, stretched across 6 weeks, one following Effy (Skins Fire) one following Cassie (Skins Pure) and the final special featuring Cook (Skins Fire. The air date was left as ‘July’ for months and months before we finally got 1st July as the return date of the final season.

Out them all, the one I was looking forward to the most was Skins Fire. Kaya Scoderlario is a brilliant actress; Effy has had almost everything possible happen to her in the short amount of time she was a teenager. Eveyone loves to hate Effy at times, but deep down you can just telled she’s a troubled soul. It was also announced, Naomi (Lily Loveless) and Emily (Kathryn Prescott) ‘Naomily’ as their ship name, would also be starring in Skins Fire. 

I’m not going to recap part one and two of Skins Fire, instead I am just going to express my feelings about what was supposed to be the best special and arguably one of the most interesting things on TV this year.

Part One:

I felt it was quite slow-moving for the first 30-minutes or so at least. I liked how they were showing that Effy had grown up and was going somewhere with her life, getting moved from a receptionist job to being a stockbroker. When we seen Naomi, we seen that she hadn’t left her partying lifestyle behind her and was actually unemployed, sharing a flat with Effy, struggling to pay her rent each month. Yeah, Effy’s sleeping with her boss, blah, blah, blah. Not much happened until the very end when we heard the heartbreaking revelation that Naomi has cancer.

Skins has covered a lot, but not cancer. Still, I was pretty surprised they were going down this route with arguably one of the most popular characters in a couple. I watched the trailer for part two and it shown that Naomi still hadn’t told Emily about the cancer as time was going on. I don’t think it was just me, but I wasn’t too worried about the upcoming ‘part-two’ because I was naive and thought Naomi would be ok…boy was I wrong.

Part Two:

One thing I did like about Skins Fire was how they did a time jump according to the seasons. Part one shown Spring and Summer, whilst Part two shown Autumn and Winter, so we got a full-year of what was going on in their lives. Part two also welcomed back Emily, who only briefly appreared and was completely underused. I understand the whole ‘she’s away interning in New York’ and Naomi won’t tell her about the cancer because she doesn’t want to ruin the opportunity for her. I can see why she wouldn’t be appearing all the time due to the circumstances. I just hated how when she did appear, her scenes were no longer than two minutes a time. I would go as far to say she had left than five minutes screen-time (and that’s including when she found out). I was rather disappointed, as she was one of my favourite Skins characters from the whole show. I feel they were mean when they did this because they hyped her return and Naomi and Emily being together and where did that leave us?!

Long story short: Naomi has radiotherapy treatment, it didn’t work. She had chemo, it didn’t work. So in what seemed very cruel to the viewers, the whole of Skins Fire: Part Two was just the decline in Naomi’s health, eventually getting across the cancer was terminal. It shocked me why they would do that to such a loved character, I get that they’re trying to show all aspects of life and that it can happen to anyone, but it just feels SO cruel I can’t get my head around it. Emily flew back to be with her one-true love and the only scene of them two together after that was Emily cuddling up to Naomi on the hospital bed, both crying – this destroyed me. All the previous deaths made me sad, but this was just too much. I’m sure I can speak for others when I say it was unnecessary, ‘Naomily’ were one of the most popular couples of Skins, they didn’t have it easy the whole of season four, but professed their love for each other in the finale of that generation and all was well again, the pair agreeing to go travelling. So I just wonder what was going on in the writer’s head. I’m pretty sure NO ONE wanted that ending. I speak for most fans of the show when I say, as much as people wanted to see them reprise their roles as Naomi & Emily, they would’ve much rathered Skins Fire had never happened.

It seemed uncalled for and just heartless.

In other news Effy got arrested and went to jail for illegally using material that would help the company she worked for £11m profit. This was meant to be Effy’s episode, but everyone talking about it, are just talking about Naomi and Emily. We never got a funeral or confirmation that she died, but they kind of spelt it out for us.

As I said, I’ve always backed Skins 100%, but after that episode, I can’t get over it. Why pick up from where they left off, in which the season four finale concluded quite well, just to go all dark and nasty. Effy, nor Naomi or Emily got a happy ending. Effy went to jail, Naomi died and Emily was heartbroken…just horrible. What makes it worse, was that Naomi was such a clever, upbeat, sarcastic, witty character and we didn’t see much of that throughout the two-parter, that is also what got me. Yes, the character’s would change as they grow-up, but I would’ve rathered it be more fun with smaller obstacles the characters face.

To say I was disappointed with the show, would be a understatement. It wasn’t needed, and now I, like many others online are wishing Skins Fire never happened and we could just erase it from our memory. To take something that ended perfectly in their generations’ finale to just brutally tear it apart and destroy each of their lives is just cruel, to their characters and the viewer.

I just ask myself…why?!


4 thoughts on “Skins Fire Disappoints: Cruel, Heart-breaking And Arguably The Worst Skins Ending EVER!!

  1. I too am someone who always backs up Skins, even when it breaks my heart. I was devestated about Chris and I happened to love the ending of season 4 (I’m like the only one but it gave me chills). I didn’t like what they did to Grace but I get why they did it and because of that it gave some great moments (like in the pool) but I thought they kind of threw her away. However I’m more excited about Cook’s Rise so hopefully I’ll feel better after that. I wrote about Skins Fire as well.

  2. The only reason I can find for the way they ended the Naomily love story in that cruel and heartless way is because of jealousy. I know it sounds stupid, I mean, how can a scriptwriting team be jealous of their own creation, right? But think about it. Naomily transcended the series and the genre.They had their own websites, blogs, fan fiction and video mash ups. They simply got too big for the writers to swallow. Hence the nasty and abrupt end to their relationship. Naomi and Emily were a phenomenon, pure and simple. Ergo, one of them had to die to prove the pen is mightier that the characters. Result, fifty thousand broken hearts, and happy Jess and Jamie. Why oh why wasn’t Jack Thorne brought in? Sensitive and respectful of the couple and their fans, he would have been perfect. I think you have to ask yourself whether Skins Fire was a genuine attempt to tell a story or a badly disguised bit of revenge…

  3. I myself grew up with the beloved characters Naomi and Emily. For starters i cant understand why they would use effy in skins again, she isn’t a nice person, most people hate her and to be perfectly honest she is boring. The episodes should have been focused on Emily and Naomi, i related to these characters completely with me and my girlfriend going through the same things they did in season 3. To kill of what was probably one of the most loved television couples since Ross and Rachel was one of the worst mistakes in television history. With it bein the final series of skins they could have let it go out on a high (which would live up to the name) and have the full cast of season 3 and 4 which was personally my favourite and many others showing there lives now, and instead of resorting to killing someone off like they did every generation show there lives actually turn around for the good instead of getting worse and worse. To keep fans happy writers new to learn to listen to the fans and keep them happy. Yes it was a shock which no one saw coming but it ruined previous series as when the fans revisit these will just leave a hate filled hole in people’s hearts where naomily (as people call them) were.
    At the end of the day people may make mistakes however, these wrongs should be righted before they ruin the fan base in which a show/film has.
    Im no reviewer but its rare something affects me like this and felt i had to vent my opinion.

  4. I think the fans getting upset just shows how well written and acted the characters were.

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