Adam Lambert Joins ‘Glee’: 5 Potential Roles He Could Play!

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Alright, so no details as of yet have been revealed as to whether Lambert will be a fully-fledged cast member or whether he’ll have a guest stint similar to the role SJP and Kate Hudson played last season.

Show co-creator, Ryan Murphy tweeted: ‘I am thrilled to announced that the super-talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast’.

With no further details being released, the news has left Gleeks wondering what part Lambert will play and how long he’ll be staying as the FOX hit musical approaches its fifth season.

I have come up with five potential roles I could see Adam Lambert playing, after all it’s not as if he’s new to TV, first off he was runner-up in the 2009 series of American Idol and then starred as himself in the Halloween episode of the popular ABCFamily show, Pretty Little LiarsI picture him being in the NY side, but I will provide suggestions for both McKinley and New York.

Here are the roles I could see working for Lambert on the show (as I go on, the chances that these roles would happen or are even feasible will get slimmer by each bullet point!):

1) A dance teacher/vocal coach at NYADA.

I can already picture Adam doing the ‘5, 6, 7, 8’ with a dance cane in his hand. The reason I think he’ll be in the NY side, is because not only are they short of people that side (yeah I know they basically have the three best actors over there, but they still need fresh blood – Adam’s character kinda got phased out for no particular reason). We’ve seen Rachel Berry at NYADA, but we haven’t properly seen Kurt go to class and if Ms. Berry is to get the Funny Girl part then they will still need to refer back to NYADA, because obviously Kurt still attends.

I’m pretty sure Ryan Murphy & Co. didn’t just draft Lambert in just because of his acting ability, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that he’s been cast in an all-singing/all-dancing show. Lambert will be showcasing his voice in the show, and no better way to do it than to be a vocal coach/music teacher at NYADA. It would make sense, we haven’t seen anyone fulfil that department yet, Lambert is 31, so he would be the right sort of age to be playing a teacher (but then again, Cory Monteith who plays recently graduated Finn Hudson on the show is 31 also, so maybe age doesn’t matter…in this case anyway!).

2) Love interest for Kurt

Both Chris Colfer and Adam Lambert are openly gay, both supporters of LGBT movement. Now we know Kurt is gay on the show, but what we don’t know is who Adam Lambert will play. Could he be a potential love interest for Kurt, who looks to be in for a shock if the S4 finale was anything to go by and on-off boyfriend Blaine actually does pop the question?

I don’t think Kurt is ready for marriage yet. Him and Blaine aren’t even dating right now, so it would be a little odd if they suddenly got engaged. I mean yeah, of course they could have a long-engagement, but if they did it would just seem to me that they’d do that to give Blaine a reason not to cheat again. I was so sad when he cheated on Kurt, it seemed so out of character for him. I’d like to see both men explore a bit, meet new people maybe even date a little bit before getting in to something too serious. Who knows, Lambert’s character could be just the guy!

Also, I would love to see at least one Chris Colfer/Adam Lambert duet in the season, they both have such good voices!

3) ‘Funny Girl’ director

Obviously, Rachel would have to get the part or ‘a’ part on Funny Girl for this to work. If so, Adam Lambert would perfectly fit the bill! He has the look of a director, he could use the role to showcase his outstanding singing abilities by performing on stage with Rachel for rehersals.

Plus, although Murphy never stated how many episodes he’d be in or whether he’d be a recurring character or guest star, I get the feeling he’ll be a guest starring. If he did play a director or something similar the perks of being more widely recognised as Glee is still massive all over the world, whilst having a schedule not too busy would be perfecto!

4) Leader/Coach of rival Glee club

Similar to that of Idina Menzel playing Rachel’s mother and Vocal Adrenaline…then the Troubletones coach, Lambert could be a rival to the New Directions. Last season we didn’t get that sense of rivalry as much, yes we had the whole Warblers kerfuffle, but despite that (they were DQ’d for cheating) there was no real rivalry. ‘The Hoosierdaddies’ with Jessica Sanchez as Frida Romero, were hyped to be the big competition to the NDs, and what did we get a 3-second shot of Sanchez belting out a song in an episode prior to the Regional’s episode and then just performances from the star. She got to do NO acting whatsoever, which I feel is disappointing for both Sanchez herself and fans of hers; people were expecting more, sometimes Glee fail to capitalize on things like this…consistency being another thing fans would love to see more of.

Anyway… Adam Lambert reminds me a lot of the Vocal Adrenaline at the start of S2. Appearance-wise and also the way he acts, I think Lambert could pull off something similar. Maybe even an old rival of Will’s – although he does seem to have a lot of them. If his role is of this nature, I imagine Lambert would a big character with a massive ego. A face-off between Will and a rival would be good to see again, we haven’t seen that side to Will for a long time; disregarding the spat with Finn about the Emma kiss situation.

5) Santana’s New Best Friend

And finally…what about a new best friend for Santana. Someone with her level of sassiness, can compete with her quick-wit and banter and perhaps even be wingmen for each other? I’d absolutely LOVE to see the pair together. Of course, Santana has Rachel and Kurt in the loft with her and as much as she loves them, she’s never exactly been on the same ‘level’ as them. Maybe Santana meets someone in the Big Apple and they become really good friends, potentially two gay best friends having movie nights and going out on the pull with each other (this would also pave wave for a Kurt/Lambert’s character relationship to work too, if he’s around the loft often?).

There is no one quite on Santana’s wave-length when Brittany isn’t around and seeing as she’ll be gone for at least the first half of S5 we need someone else to temporarily fill this position. Santana really came in to her own this season and it was brilliant to watch, the best thing about S4 if I say so.

Maybe Lambert will be like an Adam 2.0?

Well until more details are revealed we’ll just have to sit tight I guess. Apparently Glee S5 starts filming 29th July, so I guess we’ll get more news then!


3 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Joins ‘Glee’: 5 Potential Roles He Could Play!

  1. I can’t see him as Kurt’s love interest. I think that’d be too weird for Kurt. Blaine and Adam were simple looking and not loud but Adam and his character would prolly be bubbly and wild and odd. Plus, Adam seems like he’d be older…like out of school older.
    I could totes see him as Santana’s new pal, though. And that’d be hilarious! 🙂

    • Haha yeah I got what you meant. I’m hoping he’ll be involved with the New York side, would be great to see him interact with the wittier characters (Santana, Kurt) – guess we’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

  2. The first Adam I name is British Adam and from then on I mean Adam Lambert…it made sense in my head, sorry!

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