A Tribute To One of My Favourite Actors of All Time: Cory Monteith <3


Last week I found myself writing a piece about Skins Fire, and the cruel ending they gave the characters. Some people say ‘it’s only a TV show’ as in ‘don’t get too attached’. I, like many others, like something to attach myself to and fully immerse myself into. Whilst I understand they’re only characters and real-life they’re fine, I emotionally connect with them. However, the ‘in real-life they’re fine’ part isn’t always necessarily true. This is where I come on to the next part; something I wish I could just wake-up from and realise it was long nightmare.

Yesterday we got the tragic news that Cory Monteith, who played the iconic role of Finn Hudson on FOX hit dramedy, Glee, had died in his hotel room in Vancouver, aged 31.

I never in a million years, thought I would have to be writing a tribute to one of the most inspirational men in my life, Mr Cory Monteith.

I feel like I’m not only grieving for Cory, but for the rest of the Glee cast and of course, Lea. As a fan, I’ve never been so heartbroken at the death of a celebrity; I’ve been upset, but never heartbroken. I genuinely feel like I’ve lost a friend. I have a heavy heart when I think about how those closest to him are coping, seeing as us ‘Gleeks’ are finding it hard to come to terms with, the majority (including myself) have never actually having met him.

Going back to my opening paragraph, as soon as I’d seen Cory in Glee, I could see the light he brought to his co-stars’ lives; he was the joker on set. Nobody ever had a bad word to say about him. Yes he had a difficult upbringing, but he soldiered through it and became a man who inspired millions across the globe after appearing on Glee and setting an example to fans by talking openly of his struggles. People, fans, got to know him and his story and for that and his honesty, we loved him more than he could ever know and he loved us back. That’s what makes it so hard, knowing that he was a true gent who wouldn’t harm a fly. What makes it even worse apart from the fact he was so young, was his love for co-star, Lea Michele.

In pictures of the pair who were given the name ‘Monchele’ ((Cory) Monteith & (Lea) Michele) by their fans, they seemed inseparable and in separate interviews, Ellen, Marie Claire etc. they expressed their love for one another – this is why it makes it even harder for fans of the pair, because we know just how much she loved him. As expected, Michele’s people released a short statement asking for privacy at this difficult time. I just hope the press back off, I can imagine this is undoubtedly the toughest thing she’s ever had to deal with. She doesn’t deserve to be hounded by the press – who are sometimes known for their insensitivity.

One thing that has come out of this tragedy, is all Gleeks uniting; both on Twitter and in person. A candlelight vigil was held outside Paramount Studios in LA last night. Fans paid tribute one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine guys, the world had the pleasure to be entertained by. We got to see him grow and transform in to the 6′ 3′ awkward Canadian that was loved by many. Fans are urging people buy ‘Keep Holding On’ which was performed by Monteith et al in one of the early episodes of season one, in an effort to get the song to No.1 as a tribute.

I was planning on doing a ‘favourite moments’ section in this post, but I can’t bring myself to look back through videos at the moment, so I’ll do that at a later date. I know Cory wouldn’t want to see us sad, but it can’t be helped at the moment, I speak for everyone when I say we’re all completely devastated. I’m still not anywhere near accepting the news yet, I think I am, then I just think of Lea and the cast and it just breaks me again. When the time comes and we can all be a little more upbeat, we can remember Cory for the legend that he was.

I want people to remember, not everyone knew who Cory was, or his story, so it’s kind of understandable they don’t ‘get it’. We just have to remember they obviously didn’t have the pleasure of witnessing Cory at his best. So even though we’re upset, we can’t take it out on those who don’t understand. We can talk to one another on here. We can share our best memories of Cory and support the cast together. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. I don’t know how Glee would be able to continue without him, he ‘was’ (I feel sick to the stomach writing that) the star of show, alongside Lea. 

It breaks my heart to think, Lea, will have to witness Matthew getting married and Heather having her baby, both things I imagine were on the horizon for her and Cory and both of which he won’t be here to see. Also, things like Lea’s album and book release, Cory won’t be here to see. Not to say he wasn’t proud of Lea, because I know he was. I’m so glad she accomplished so much in the time they were together, because he got to see her shine and I expect that to him, was the best feeling in the world. He was with her all the way and now he’ll be looking down on her, her angel.

Below: one of the saddest moments in Glee. Who knew that Finn Hudson would be speaking the words of Cory Monteith only a year on.










As hard as it is at the moment; no statement/quote says it better than this: ‘It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’


Rest in peace, Cory Monteith

11th May 1982 – 13th July 2013.

We’ll look after Lea for you, don’t worry ❤


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