Skins Best Moments: (15) – Cook, Freddie and JJ Meet Effy For The First Time 3×01


Now that we’ve said our final goodbyes to E4 hit show Skins, I’ve decided to count down my favourite moments from the series. 

The second generation were definitely my favourite bunch (this could have something to do with the fact that I started watching the show when I was an early teen, so by season three I was a bit more mature). Having watched from the beginning I was intrigued by Effy’s character, she’d had an episode of her own and appeared in numerous episodes briefly, so when we said goodbye to the first cast I was glad Kaya Scoderlario was promoted to series regular. 

From the get-go when we first see her in 3×01, the audience already know she’s going to own it. She’s (re)introduced when her infamous outspoken father played by Harry Enfield crashes his car. Effy gets out and stares at newbies Cook, Freddie and JJ sitting at a table drinking cider in the morning. Cook pretends that Effy’s dad knocked in to him by putting ketchup on his face to make it look like blood. This is basically the writers way of saying this ‘Cook’ character is going to be trouble. After a while, Effy gets out the car, goes over to Cook, wipes her finger over his face (getting some ketchup) licks her finger and says ‘sweet’ then walks off as all boys stare at her in amazement. The scene that started a love-triangle/rectangle between the boys and Effy – which carries the characters through both seasons. Let’s just say for those who haven’t seen it, there are many bumps along the way!!


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