Skins Best Moments: (14) – Tony Adjusts To Life After His Accident 2×01


The countdown continues…

Cast your mind back to the season one finale, remember Tony got hit by the bus just as he and Michelle were about to get back together over the phone. Well, six months on, we see Tony alive, but struggling after his accident. 

This episode was so touching because Tony’s accident was beginning to define him, as much as he was trying to get back to normal. I think the episode was brilliantly done, because Tony’s character was written really well. We knew he could be a bit of a prat regarding his friends and girlfriend’s, but when it came to family he always stepped up. 

Barely able to write his own name; we see Tony really struggle for the first time. The injuries he sustained from the accident included were trauma to the head causing learning difficulties, amnesia and personality changes. He basically forgot who he was and had to start afresh. His sister, Effy, was his guardian angel as herself and Maxxie tried to help Tony remember what his life used to be like. 

Nicholas Hoult played an absoulte blinder in this episode because his performance as Tony Stonem was totally believable. This episode and this story kick-started the season and took the show in a darker place than it had ever gone before.

It dealt with responsibility. Something teenagers aren’t necessarily good at or don’t want to have. It was refreshing to see the way Tony’s friends helped him and I definitely think it made them grow as people a heck of a lot more!


One thought on “Skins Best Moments: (14) – Tony Adjusts To Life After His Accident 2×01

  1. I loved Tony. It’s so funny to me when people start watching the show you hate Tony right off the bat but I always tell them, don’t worry, you’ll eventually love him.

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