Skins Best Moments: (13) Karen McClair Performs ‘Ass To Ass’ On Talent Show 3×05


Remember this? For some strange reason this is one of my most memorable Skins moments. I’m not sure if it was because it was so ridiculous and hilarious at the same time or if I actually, strangely, liked it?!

Being Freddie’s episode; we got to see more of how he gets along with his family (or how he doesn’t in some cases). Still heartbroken by his mother’s death; Freddie isn’t adjusting to life well with his sister (Karen) who is spoilt rotten by their dad. Karen enters a talent show called ‘Search For A Sexxbomb’ and uses her mother’s death to form a sob-story to try and further her chances of winning, of course, Freddie is appalled by this.

This is one of my favourite moments because it’s just so random, yet still fitting to the Skins genre, showcasing how unpredictable the show can be.

One of the things I liked most about Skins was how they could intertwine fun with sweet, heart-warming moments. Demonstrated in this episode, we see Freddie go to support his sister in the finals of the talent show despite him being upset with her. Which shows that family always bound together in important/precious moments.

Below, watch Karen McClair’s slight ridiculous performance ‘Ass To Ass’:


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