Lea Michele Dedicates Award To Late Boyfriend and Co-Star, Cory Monteith, On Last Night’s TCAs.


Last night I stayed up to watch the Teen Choice Awards (which aired at 1am in the UK). Darren Criss who was co-hosting the awards alongside Pretty Little Liars actress, Lucy Hale, confirmed that the Glee cast would be attending the awards after the tragic death of co-star, Cory Monteith. Glee did win their TCA, with Amber Riley (who plays Mercedes Jones on the show) dedicating the award to Cory, saying that he was ‘like a brother’ to them. There was no sign of Monteith’s both on and off-screen lover, Lea Michele, despite it being rumoured she was attending. So most people thought that, understandably she decided to give the event a miss, with it being only four weeks since Cory’s tragic passing.

However, Lily Collins and Max Greenfield who were presenting, then announced the winner for actress comedy was…Lea Michele. And, out of nowhere, Lea appeared from the side of the stage to accept her award. Pretty in pink, Lea took to the podium to make her acceptance speech. Glee-club originals: Kevin, Jenna and Amber, stayed on-stage to support Lea.

Now, I’m exaggerating, but I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much at something on TV. It was the most heartbreaking, yet uplifting speech imaginable. Lea has such a way with words. Visibly upset, Lea she thanked fans for their support during ‘these very difficult past few weeks’ and said ‘with your love, we’ll get through this together’. Does this not sound like the most selfless thing to do…ever? She came out on stage, knowing full well, millions of people would be watching and the media would be all over it. The reason she did it, for her fans and most importantly in Cory’s honour.

Gleeks everywhere have been trying to deal with this gut-wrenching tragedy, so for Lea Michele to have the utmost courage and strength to do that, is beyond admirable. She knew that we needed her and she needed us. Undoubtedly, Cory’s legacy will live on, through the many lives’ he’s helped and those he’s inspired to do greater things.

There are no words right now to explain what a magnificent woman, Lea Michele is. In regard, I’d put Lea Michele to put on the highest pedestal right now. She is the type of role model young girls, adults, anyone should have. Her strength, bravery, and all-round good heart is why people admire her so much, me included.

I was slightly disappointed at the tribute to Cory (the lack of). It was a beautiful touch to have Cory’s photo along with (Cory Moneith, 1982 – 2013) behind as Lea departed the stage, but it only lasted for like two seconds, I expected it to roll in to a montage of Cory’s best bits/work with different charities. I think it was a bit of a poor choice not to honour him in that way. Even more so, because he co-hosted the awards in 2010 with Katy Perry, so he has a history with the award show. If it was due to time constraints, they could have cut out some of the crappy things in the show. I just think, they could’ve done more, especially after Lea completely went out of her way, despite her aching heart, to dedicate the awards in his honour.

Below, the Glee cast accepting their award and Lea Michele’s acceptance speech, honouring Cory Monteith:

Watching this again, gives me a massive lump in my throat. But Lea’s strong, Cory passed the torch to Lea, now she’s that beacon of light to guide us. Strong, strong, woman. An idol ❤

RIP Cory Monteith, forever in our hearts.



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