Skins Best Moments: (12) Cook’s Day Out With His Brother! 4×03


The whole of season 3, we saw Cook acting out, being a ‘jack the lad’ and seemingly not giving a crap about anyone else. This episode was the turning point in his character to me; season four was when they started peeling back the layers. 

Following on from the shocking revelation that Naomi cheated on Emily in the previous episode, this one was all about Cook (well mostly). We last saw him getting a beating after starting a fight in 4×02, after seeing Effy and Freddie all loved up. We find out some interesting stuff about him, his family and his history. 

Cook is now facing a GBH charge and is ‘forced’ to go and live with his estranged mother and little brother, Paddy. Quite a lot goes on in this episode so I’m just going to talk about two scenes between Cook and Paddy which are really big scenes for Cook’s character. 

First of all, the scene after the montage of Cook and Paddy living rebelliously, driving anywhere and everywhere. Cook explains to his brother that he might have to go to jail. Paddy then proceeds to say ‘f*** the police’ over and over again, whilst kicking his mother’s car. The look in Cook’s eyes says it all. Jack O’Connell didn’t half know how to put his own stamp on a scene. Cook knows that how he lives, his lifestyle, is already impacting on his impressionable little brother and he doesn’t want that for him. 

…Which leads perfectly on to the next scene in the same episode where Cook decides to own up to the GBH and do what’s right for once. The scene in question is both heartbreaking and refreshing to see.

As a viewer, you’re happy that Cook is finally taking responsibility for his actions, yet on the other hand, you know that all his anger is associated with his love for Effy (who dating and in love with Cook’s best friend). When Effy tells him that she loves Freddie, Cook decides that it’s time he let her go…prompting his decision to plead guilty. 

The heartbreaking part is when Cook is being taken away by the police and his little brother turns up and starts shouting ‘Cooookkk, don’t go’. Cook tells JJ, Freddie and Effy to look after him and then goes with the police, with his brother breaking down as he goes. I found that really sad, because Cook’s character is renown for not always doing everything right, but when it comes down to those he loves, he’ll do what he thinks is best, however scary or dangerous that might be!



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