‘Skins’ Best Moments (11-1)


I’m so sorry if people had been following my Top 15 Skins moments, I’ve been pretty. Previously I’d been writing a full-on description as to why each moment placed where it did – which took a long time. So I’ve instead decided to just simply write the moment and put a clip of the scene next to it.

11. Liv/Mini fight – Liv & Mini: I couldn’t find a clip of the actual scene, but I did find this tribute video of their ‘friendship’: 

10. James Fitch and his filthy mouth! – James Fitch:  Again another fan video, but it still highlights his character…very well.

9. Grace’s death aftermath – Rich: 

8. Did she or didn’t she see him? – Cassie:  I can’t actually find the video of the scene in question, so this is the video of the scene that proceeds it.

7. Chris’ death – Chris & Cassie: 

6. Vitamin C – JJ & Emily: Annoyingly I can’t find this video anywhere. If you get the chance to watch it, the episode is 3×07.

5. Chris’ funeral – The whole Gen.1 gang: 

4. Naomi’s speech in finale – Naomi: 

3. Pandora’s song – Pandora, Effy and Katie: 

2. I’m Cook – Cook & Dr. Foster: 

1. I’m Katie F***ing Fitch – Katie Fitch: 

There we have it, my top 15 Skins moments! Feel free to leave me a comment about what your favourite moments are 🙂


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