Robert DeNiro Turns Violent In New Red Band Trailer For ‘The Family’


Formerly titled ‘Malavita’; The Family centres around a mob-family that move to Normandy as part of the witness protection programme. Robert DeNiro takes the lead in this action/crime/comedy as a former Mafia boss, Giovanni Manzoni.

Luc Besson is directing the film, which is based on Tonino Benaquista’s book Badfellas. No coincidence seeing that DeNiro was in the 1990’s film Goodfellas.

Shown in the trailer; DeNiro’s character, Giovanni Manzoni (aka Fred Blake as the family have to change their names) is seen writing his memoirs whilst reflecting on his (rather violent) past. He explains to his family why and where they are, where they are. Also in the 1:39 trailer, we see old enemies of Manzoni searching for him, hoping to exact revenge. Causing the family to beprepared about what lies ahead.

Alongside DeNiro, the film boasts a casting of Michelle Pfeiffer (BatmanScarface) playing Manzoni’s on-screen wife Maggie Blake,Glee’s own Dianna Agron as their daughter Belle Blake, John D’Leo (Wanderlust) as Warren Blake and Tommy Lee Jones.

Watch the new red band trailer to The Family here:

Robert DeNiro and Tommy Lee Jones, two Oscar-winners in one film – sounds promising!

There’s also no doubt, Gleeks everywhere will be out in numbers to support their lady in her new movie venture. It’s nice to see Diana Agron in a new, challenging role, I look forward to seeing what she has in store next. World, watch out…Dianna Agron is going to take you by storm!

The Family premieres tonight in New York, hitting cinemas in the US this Friday 13th September and the 1st November in the UK respectively.


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