Josh Duhamel And Fergie Share First Pictures Of Son, Axl Jack Duhamel!

Welcome to the world, Axl Jack Duhamel!

Born 29th August 2013; actor Josh Duhamel and ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ lead singer, Fergie, welcomed their 7lb 10oz son in to the world. Fans of the two had been eagerly awaiting a picture of the couple’s son. Seeing as Josh is a fan of social media, posting frequently, most expected a picture of the new-born to surface soon after birth.

Teasing; Josh Duhamel posted this picture on his Facebook page on September 6th with this caption:

‘We’d like to introduce you to Axl Jack Duhamel, but you’re just going to have to settle for my adorable godson!!’


However, today (September 17th) the 40-year old actor finally posted a photo of the pair’s son on Facebook, to fan’s delight!

 Axl Jack Duhamel Day 1
Life is good 

(Loving the hashtag) accompanied by…baby Duhamel


Singer, Fergie, then posted a similar photo to her Facebook page:

Axl Jack Duhamel. Day 2 of life. Hearing test complete. All systems go. #chillin


Fergie and Josh Duhamel got engaged December 2007, before tying the knot January 2009.

Sending my well wishes to the happy family!


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