The Mentalist Season 6 Premiere: ‘The Desert Rose’ Leaves Fans Stunned! (SPOILERS!)


Did you see that crazy ending of The Mentalist last night?!

We were promised by series creator, Bruno Heller, that the identity of Red John would be revealed in the first half of season 6 of the show. We were also promised that the season premiere would be a corker…and boy it was.

Heller said that by the end of the premiere, there would be one less RJ suspect as they’ll get killed off. One of my initial thoughts from the beginning was that Brett Partridge was the man hiding behind the red smiley, however, Partridge was the RJ suspect eliminated in the last few minutes…before the unthinkable happened.

(silly) Lisbon thought it would be ok to respond to a 911 call about activity where Brett Partridge was residing, On. Her. Own.

Earlier on, Lisbon phoned Van Pelt and ordered her to bug the phones of the 7 RJ suspects and swore her to secrecy. Van Pelt, being Van Pelt, she then told Rigsby who told Cho, so the whole team knew.

Jane found out about this and got mad at Lisbon, they had a fight and Lisbon drove off back to Sacramento (they were doing an out of town case). So back to where we were, Jane was desperately trying to get hold of Lisbon to apologise for his actions, she didn’t answer.

Investigating the dark abandoned looking house; Lisbon finally comes across a bloody Brett Partridge who mutters ‘Tiger, tiger’ most likely prompted by Red John. He seemingly dies, Lisbon investigates further before getting snatched in to the dark shadows.

Next we see Jane phoning ‘Lisbon’ who finally answers ‘Sorry Patrick, Teresa can’t come to the phone right now’ Oh god. He’s got her. Jane looks mortified, scared and all other emotions related to how you’d feel if a loved one was taken by a serial killer.

We then see Lisbon presumably unconscious with a red smiley being painted on her face – I could’ve cried. She’s so vulnerable, I just didn’t like it. Red John you evil son of a b****.

My money is on Visualize member, Ray Haffner being the infamous psychopath…I guess we’ll soon see!


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