Glee 5×03 ‘The Quarterback’ Full Songs Revealed – Audio (Spoilers)


Thursday 10th October will be a hard day for all us Glee/Cory Monteith fans. This is the date in which the tribute episode ‘The Quarterback’ will air on TV in America. There had been rumours about what songs would be sung and who would be singing them. The full versions are now available to listen to. If you don’t want to hear them before the episode DO NOT go any further.

All of these songs are truly heartbreaking. You know that this raw emotion and pain you can hear in the song(s) is real. I honestly don’t think the cast could’ve done a better job. I just wish Dianna could’ve been in this episode and Heather (for obvious reasons she couldn’t). It’s going to be a tough time watching the episode, because this is like the final goodbye, not just to Finn Hudson who was perhaps one of the most loved characters on TV, but because we also have to say a final goodbye to our beloved Cory (I’m getting teary writing that).

I urge everyone to keep their (negative) views to themselves if they don’t like the episode. Lea helped with this one, so if you don’t like it, just hold back your comments just this once. Also, I’ve heard a lovely idea that people are doing a Twitter silence during the episode in Cory’s honour.

…One last thing, if you like these songs PLEASE download them when they’re available. I presume if you’re a fan of Glee, then you were a fan of Cory’s, all proceeds from these songs are going to his favourite charity ‘Project Limelight’ – an organisation which helps and encourages children to take part in the arts.

Here are the songs from 5×03 ‘The Quarterback’:

RIP Cory, you shone so brightly here on earth, so whenever I look up at the stars I think of you ❤


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