The Big Bang Theory ‘The Scavenger Vertex’ Recap


Last week we were treated to not one but TWO episodes of the hit comedy. Sadly, this week we only got one episode, but due to the high-standard of the episode, one was enough.

After Leonard’s controversial return to Pasadena in last week’s episode; ‘The Scavenger Vortex’ displays a funnier, more relaxed environment as the group split off in their twos picked at random (Sheldon & Penny, Howard & Amy and Bernadette & Leonard), to take part in a scavenger hunt, organised by Raj.

This is the best episode of TBBT I’ve seen in a long time, definitely a new favourite. I liked how they paired up the characters with the person they interact the least with (except Penny & Sheldon – but I love that pairing!).

Whilst having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Raj asks the rest of the gang why they didn’t turn up to his dinner and a murder mystery party. Without saying those actual words, they all basically say that his parties are lame. Whilst a few jokes about Princeton being a ‘good’ university; Raj suggests they do a scavenger hunt. The gang all agree as it sounds quite fun.

Back at Sheldon and Leonard’s place, Raj creatively presents the concept to the group, they are told to work in twos. Bernadette suggests couples, to which Leonard (who’s with Penny – the only non-scientist within the group) suggests they ‘shake it up a bit’. Penny takes offence to Leonard saying that, turning to Amy who also kindly declines, saying they should pick names out the hat. It was strange seeing Amy reject Penny as she always seems like she’ll do anything to spend time with her ‘bestie’.

Partnered off we have;

Penny & Sheldon

Howard & Amy

Bernadette & Leonard


Used to spending more time together than the other pairings; Penny and Sheldon worked as a great team together…kind of. The first task is a puzzle, half-way through Penny realises the answer is the comic book store and gets up to run out the apartment, Sheldon, not so convinced, decides to do the whole puzzle, just to check there isn’t a sign in the window saying to go to the train shop. Losing them time.

After a few challenges, a very well-organised Sheldon & Penny end up at the bowling alley, it just so happens Sheldon was very prepared that he had a bowling ball in his bag. They work together well, Sheldon’s mathematical and scientific skills with Penny’s observant eye, they end up at the hunt’s end where they meet Raj who presents them with a coin (the prize).


Next we’re on to Bernadette and Leonard – a couple we have barely seen interact since Melissa Rauch was brought in to the show. We know Bernie has a bit of a temper with Howard, but boy, when she’s competitive there’s no stopping her…Leonard finds out the hard way!

After many (many) arguments and Leonard upset that he upset Penny; Bernadette implies Penny sometimes calls him a ‘ninny’ to he’s surprised and mad. Somehow, despite their mismatched pairing, they get to the end as well. Leonard questions Penny about his nickname, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about because it turned out Bernadette was lying – I could tell from her sneaky little self that she was making that up…anything to try and win, eh?

They turn up at the apartment the same time Penny does (Sheldon is washing his clothes), and Raj presents them a coin each. Saying he wanted them to all be winners and he planted a coin in each of their pockets from the beginning. Penny finally feeling like she’d won something for it to be taken away, tells Raj to “run…to India”.

Finally, our last couple, Amy and Howard. They stole the show for me. On paper, they aren’t similar in any way, however, when they’re paired up they start talking about their interests, both have a mutual admiration of Neil Diamond.

Once they find this out, they practically abandon the scavenger hunt and all we see from them is duets in the car, ‘Sweet Caroline’ was my favourite. They didn’t just sing either, they did the movements too! Amy says there’s a Neil Diamond concert on next month and they both decide to go (wish we’d seen that on-screen). In the final scene, we see the two doing karaoke at the Cheesecake Factory – so funny.


Such a great episode of TBBT, I really enjoy the episodes where they’re all together. It doesn’t happen much which is probably why they are so special and done to such a good standard, but then again, all seven actors working collectively, why am I surprised?!

Tune in next week for the fourth episode of season 7 – as always we’ll be recapping the show for you in case you miss it or just want to relive the hilarious moments!


  • “I’m sorry, are we really doing this or are we tricking Koothrappalli again like we did with the dinner party” – Sheldon
  • “Do you know how filthy those bowling balls are, I may as well stand on the corner and give away free rectal exams” –Sheldon
  • Raj’s dance scene at the beginning
  • Sheldon’s amusement at Raj’s tricks ‘he’s a born showman’ 
  • “You think I’m gonna be a liability, even though I just used liability correctly in a sentence” – Penny
  • Bernadette’s constant yelling at Leonard
  • Howard and Amy singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ in the car
  • “My brain is better than everybody’s” – Sheldon Cooper channels Jim Carrey
  • “(About Penny) I wish I had a man like that on my team” – Bernadette

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