Gravity Soars Into The Record Books!


The very much-anticipated sci-fi thriller, Gravity, starring only Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, was released on Friday (4th Oct) in the US and already looks like it’s going to start smashing some records!

The film, which took five years to finish was written (with the assistance of his son Jonas), directed, produced and edited by Alfonso Cuaron. After overcoming many obstacles along the way; Gravity premiered at Venice Film Festival in August.

Receiving five stars across the board from early screenings; Gravity and the hype surrounding it has had a lot to live up to.

Early ticket sales suggest the film has launched (pun intended) its way to the top spot on course to make $50m (it has now surpassed the $50m mark, raking $55m+) at the box office this weekend. Meaning it is both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s biggest opener ever.

With a lot of technology being used to make the film, it’s only right that the technology cinema has to offer can rightfully showcase the true beauty of this film; benefiting from both 3D and IMAX prices.

Variety reports that the film has even done remarkably well in America’s big space competitor, Russia. Taking $1.2m and becoming the number one film in the region.

Gravity is on course to knock Paranormal Activity 3 off the top spot as the largest October opener of all-time at $52 million.

Since its release, numerous celebrities have taken to Twitter to praise the space film:

The film is not yet out in the UK, the release date is scheduled for 8th November – let’s see if any more records can be broken then!

If you’ve somehow missed it, here is the trailer:

P.s. Once it’s released over here, I shall be reviewing the film 🙂


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