‘The Quarterback’ Glee Tribute To Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith.


I don’t usually review/recap Glee and I’m not going to do that today either. I just wanted to write a piece about the beautiful episode that was written in honour of the late, great, Cory Monteith and his on-screen character, Finn Hudson. 

I’m not quite sure what to say about it, apart from it was the hardest thing I have ever watched in my life. Not to discourage people from watching; it was the also potentially one of the best episodes of anything I’ve ever seen, and that says a lot seeing as I watch lots and lots of British and American TV shows. 

This episode definitely deserves an Emmy nod for next year. They handled the issue so delicately. 

One thing I admired, was how they didn’t mention how Finn died. Kurt mentioned in his voiceover that people want to know how Finn died, but to him it doesn’t matter, he cares more about how Finn lived. I think this was a subtle nod to real-life too. I, and many others are more interested on what Cory did with his life; those he inspired, helped, entertained – his cause of death doesn’t define him, it just adds to the heartbreak.

Glee writers often get stick about some of their episodes/storylines; there was no point in this episode where anything bad could be said, they did it perfectly. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to write a tribute about someone they held so close to their hearts. They really did us fans, Cory and the character of Finn Hudson, justice. 

Whilst dedicating the episode to Cory, they still managed to incorporate a message in the 40-minute episode. Importantly, they showed grief and the many different ways people cope with the death of a loved one.

They showed Will being the ‘rock’, being there for everyone else and not letting himself grieve. Santana being angry that Finn died so young, upset that she didn’t tell him that she was actually quite fond of him. Kurt dealing fairly well with the loss of his step-brother, being familiar with the wretched feeling seeing as his mother died when he was young. Puck angry and lost because Finn was his ‘quarterback’ and helped lead him in the right direction. Sue Sylvester hiding her feelings by acting like she doesn’t care when actually she resents herself for never telling him that she thought he was a good guy and that he’d make a great teacher. Burt wishing he’d made the most of his time with Finn and Carol finding it difficult to adjust to a life without her son. The rest of Glee club trying their best to remember and honour Finn through song and finally…Rachel. Appearing in the final act, Rachel being strong, talking about the life she had planned for her and Finn, seemingly at the point of accepting Finn’s death, despite not wanting to let go. 

There were definitely scenes in this episode that got to me more than others, but to be honest, I didn’t stop crying throughout, as soon as the music to ‘Seasons of Love’ came on to the moment they put ‘Cory Monteith 1982 – 2013’ on the screen. The whole cast were so brave and superb, despite the fact that probably none of this was actually acting. Naya (Santana), Romy (Carol), Mike (Burt), Mark (Puck), Matt (Will), Dot (Coach Beiste), Chris (Kurt), Jane (Sue Sylvester) and of course Lea (Rachel) were phenomenal. 

All the songs featured were on a different level, the emotions of passion, hurt and love all projected through:

‘Seasons of Love’ – ND & Santana, Mercedes, Mike, Kurt and Puck.

‘If I Die Young’ – Santana.

‘Fire and Rain’ – Artie & Sam.

‘No Surrender’ – Puck.

‘I’ll Stand By You’ – Mercedes.

‘Make You Feel My Love’ – Rachel. 


‘The Quarterback’ album featuring all the songs can be bought on iTunes now:


iTunes US

iTunes UK

As mentioned before, ALL proceeds will be going to Cory’s favourite charity, Project Limelight. An organisation that worked with Cory as a youngster and actually pointed him in the right direction of the arts, encouraging him to pursue acting. The money will help fund new projects, equipment and the general upkeep of the Canadian based charity. 

A final note. Yes I did feel the absence of Dianna (Quinn) and Heather (Brittany) during the episode. Obviously, Heather was heavily pregnant at the time of filming so that’s understandable, but there’s speculation as to why Dianna wasn’t featured as she was such an important part of Finn’s character. Despite missing them, I’m sure the end result made everyone who knew Cory, very proud of the episode. 


RIP Cory Monteith. Gone but by no means forgotten. 



…And Goodbye Finn Hudson, there was no one quite like you ❤




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