Katy Perry Announces Second Single From ‘Prism’ – Listen Here


It’s just a matter of days before Katy Cats will be rewarded for their loyalty to the pop-songstress, as Ms. Perry’s much anticipated third album, Prism will be released.

Earlier this week the snippets of each song featured on the album were previewed on iTunes. Now, Katy Perry has revealed the track titled ‘Unconditionally’ will be the follow-up to her chart-topping first single, ‘Roar’.

Personally, I love this song. More often than not with new songs, I’ve found that you have to listen numerous times before you like it; however, with this new song lifted from K-Pez’s new album, I instantly love it. That’s pop music for you!

Have a listen for yourself and see what you make of it:

‘Unconditionally’ is a really beautiful song that really shows off Perry’s vocal range, different to the empowering message in ‘Roar’; this heartfelt track is about loving someone no matter what.

The full tracklisting for Prism (deluxe):

1)      Roar

2)      Legendary Lovers

3)      Birthday

4)      Walking On Air

5)      Unconditionally

6)      Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J)

7)      This Is How We Do

8)      International Smile

9)      Ghost

10)   Love Me

11)   This Moment

12)   Double Rainbow

13)   By Grace of God

14)   Spiritual

15)   It Takes Two

16)   Choose Your Battles

Despite previously releasing ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Walking On Air’ as promotional tracks, ‘Unconditionally’ will act as the second single.

Prism will be released 21st October (UK) and a day later in the US. 


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