Vote For The Songs To Be Featured In Glee’s 100th Episode!!!


Gleeks! Who can believe Glee will soon be filming its 100th episode?! We know they already passed their 500th musical number in season 4 and are due to surpass the 600th mark after episode 9 of this season. 

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GIRLS Season 3 Promo Released!!!

Does this look good or does it look good?

After the tear-jerker of a season finale, it looks like things are finally looking up for…well, just Hannah really. She and Adam seem to be back together and in a good place whilst the others have their own troubles to worry about.

Another thing, ANDREW RANNELLS is back as Elijah – woohoo!

‘Girls’ returns to HBO on January 12th with two new episodes back to back 🙂

Thanksgiving At Mrs. Wolowitzs’ Doesn’t Exactly Go Down Without A Hitch In ‘The Big Bang Theory’!


Yes I have to admit I’m pretty proud of that pun in the title! Moving on…the ninth episode of TBBT was all about the beloved American holiday, Thanksgiving. This episode featured a couple of surprises and the return of an ‘old flame’ of Penny’s.

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Orphan Black Gets Season 2 Air Date!

There are so many questions that were left unanswered in the Orphan Black season finale, so luckily we now know when we’re gonna get those much needed answers!

19th April 2014 will be the date the Sci-Fi phenomenon will return. Tatiana Maslany sure has her work cut out if she’s going to try and trump her performance last season!

Vote for her to win ‘Best Sci-Fi Actress’ at the PCAs:

Leonard Gets Hot Under The Collar In The Latest Episode Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’


In this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, we were reunited with a familiar face, that of Lucy, Raj’s ex-girlfriend who dumped him in the season six finale. In terms of action, this week was perhaps a little tame compared to previous weeks’; however we do see a shirtless Leonard…more than once, so you know, just a normal episode of TBBT.

In ‘The Itchy Brain Simulation’, Sheldon hopes to teach Leonard a lesson about why he’s so irritable when it comes to certain things.

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