The Big Bang Theory Welcomes Bob Newhart Back With Open Arms In ‘The Proton Displacement’


There was no new episode of TBBT last week sadly; however, this week’s episode featured Bill Nye the science and Bob Newhart, so who’s complaining?

Want to know what Newhart and Nye were doing in the same episode…? Well you’ll have to read further on down because first I’m talking about Ladies Night!

Howard tells Raj that he’s essentially being kicked out of the house on Friday because Bernadette is having ladies night with Penny and Amy, so he asks Raj if he wants to do anything. Raj declines and Howard soon realises it’s because he is also attending ladies night.

Over at Bernie’s the girls (and Raj) are all attempting to make some jewellery (Raj’s idea) whilst Penny just makes a mess with the glue. Howard appears and tells the ladies he can help make their jewellery look better with some of his equipment from the lab. The girls get even more excited when he suggests he can even make diamonds with their own DNA.

Raj feels pushed out and gets upset with Howard, because the whole jewellery idea was his and Howard just comes in with his fancy equipment and impresses them. Howard asks him what’s up, Raj says that Howard always takes the mick out of him for doing feminine things, but whenever Howard does, it’s different. He then goes on to say that he feels more comfortable talking with the women than with his male friends. After their talk, the two make up.

Amy, Sheldon and Leonard are at the pharmacy for Sheldon’s medicine shop – he’s very excited. As they’re browsing, Sheldon spots Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton, played by Bob Newhart – the last time he appeared on The Big Bang Theory, he won an Emmy!

Despite what the others tell him; Sheldon decides to go over (and annoy) Arthur whilst he’s in the pharmacy queue. Sheldon probes him about what he’s getting a prescription for and starts to play the guessing game.

Next we see the guys at the University; Leonard says he’s just received an email from Arthur asking him if he can look at a paper he wrote. Sheldon thinks it’s odd that he didn’t ask him so also checks his emails only to find two from his idol, ‘Do you have Leonard’s email’ and ‘Don’t worry, I’ve got it’. Sheldon feels disheartened that Arthur didn’t ask him to look it over. When talking with Sheldon, Amy says that maybe he was a bit too full on with Arthur when they saw him at the store. He tells Amy to come right out and say that he’s annoying, practically admitting that he is, but she doesn’t tell him, and he keeps on at her so she leaves.

Sheldon goes to Arthur’s house, waking him up in the process. He apologises for waking him up and for being annoying, now that he’s apologised he asks if they can now collaborate on the paper together, but then insults Proton again. Sheldon then asks Arthur to tell him he’s annoying. He shuts the door but Sheldon continues, so he opens up the door and shouts ‘YOU’RE ANNOYING’.

Later on whilst Leonard and Proton are at the lab, Sheldon brings in Bill Nye the Science Guy and refers to him as his new idol. It’s clear that Proton and Nye don’t get on after some accusations are thrown around about Nye stealing ideas from Proton’s show. Sheldon and new best bud Billy Nye soon depart; leaving Arthur with Leonard. Arthur asks why Leonard puts up with Sheldon and his behaviour. Leonard gives a heartfelt speech about Sheldon and their friendship, mentioning the fact that Sheldon doesn’t really know when he’s doing or saying something wrong. – This was such a sweet moment/speech from Leonard, usually Leonard only opens up with Penny, so it was nice to see the show go back to its roots, The Big Bang Theory is primarily about friendship with a hint of science!

Proton shows up at Sheldon & Leonard’s apartment, asking if Sheldon would read his paper. Sheldon says he’s already read the paper after he hacked in to Proton’s emails, he comments that the paper is very inspired, Proton thanks Sheldon and says that means a lot. Sheldon invites him in for a cup of tea, to which he declines, however after seeing Penny; he decides to pop in after all. Proton/Arthur then questions Penny if she has any single grandmothers, she replies that they’re both married…he asks happily? She shrugs.


Not that they need it but The Big Bang Theory are really pushing for CBS to renew the show aren’t they. The whole of the seventh season has been faultless so far. Now with Newhart and Bill Nye in the same episode, they’re really pulling out all the stops. I wish Nye would’ve featured more, however I imagine he would’ve had a busy schedule at the time of taping, seeing as he was appearing on Dancing With The Stars at the time. Roll on next week!!!


–  Bob Newhart returns as Professor Proton!

– Howard: ‘Bernie’s having a girls night on Friday at our place, wanna do something?
Raj: ‘Actually, I’m busy’
Howard: ‘Doing what?’
Raj: ‘There’s a new sports bar over on Colorado Avenue…’
Howard: ‘You’re going to girls night’
Raj: ‘Yep’

– Sheldon: ‘Sheldon Cooper does not cry’
Howard: ‘That’s true, you’d rust’

– Amy: ‘This is fun, I’m gonna feel like such a vixen wearing jewellery that doesn’t have a list of medications I’m allergic to’

– Sheldon brings in Bill Nye the science guy – this is gonna be some competition!

– Sheldon and Bill Nye getting smoothies – priceless

– Leonard’s description of Sheldon

– Amy: [On Raj and Howard] ‘They’re going to have sex before Sheldon and I do, I knew it’

– Sheldon: ‘Can I invite you in for tea?’ 
Arthur Jeffries: ‘No no, I really have to run’
Penny: ‘Hey Arthur, how are you?’
Arthur Jeffries: ‘I guess one cup wouldn’t hurt’


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