Review: Gravity (2013) *****


We all know that films can only do so much promotion in order to attract viewers. The best type of promotion though, word of mouth. Gravity has benefited from all types of publicity. Television interviews, celebrities’ praising, film reviews and other people’s opinions have set Gravity on a pedestal, with many flocking to their local cinema to experience this film that has been built up so much.

Starring Academy award winners; Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, undoubtedly this film would be of a good standard to say the least. Stars this big don’t sign up to films without careful consideration…especially when the film could come with numerous creative and technical complications/obstructions.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which I doubt as you’re reading this), then you probably know the rough outline of the film, if not, here’s the brief plot:

Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first space mission whilst in the company of veteran space-goer, Matt Kowalski. Stone and Kowalski enter some complications when they’re warned of a missile strike, which forms a cloud of fast-moving debris. The mission is aborted, but the team loses contact with Houston, meaning they only have each other to rely on…

What worked (Good points):

Both actors. Clooney and Bullock were absolutely incredible in their roles as Kowalski and Stone respectively. Numerous reviews have said this is Bullock’s performance of her career – this is hard to say, because she’s one of my favourite actresses so there are loads of her films I love; The Blind Side, Speed, Miss Congeniality, The Heat…and so on. However, after much consideration I probably have to agree. The film really is on her shoulders, she takes you on the journey and carries you through to the end. Not just anyone could play this role, right now, I can’t think of anyone who could play this role half as well as she did, and that’s saying something.

2D DOES THE JOB! I’ve seen many reports saying that a 3D watch is a must. From watching the film, I can see how watching in 3D may slightly enhance the experience, i.e. flying debris at your face etc., the main thing about a film is that you enjoy it in whatever means possible. I opted for 2D because I get motion sickness and didn’t want to chance watching in 3D if it would make me feel ill; I could’ve chanced it, but I didn’t and I didn’t need to. I emphasise my point by saying that 3D may enhance it, but 2D still does wonders. Surely if a film is that good, it doesn’t matter what dimension you watch it in?!

– Story. Arguably the most important aspect of any film, the storyline. This is such a complex film that it almost has a massive story yet not much of a story at the same time. Without ruining too much, we get to see a lot of the space shuttle, a lot of Earth and it’s surroundings in space and a lot of nothingness. Obviously the special effects make the film unmissable, but the story equally makes the film so impressive and well-worthy of an Oscar nod.

What didn’t work (Bad points):

– Pace. There wasn’t much that didn’t work. If anything I would say the film is a little bit slow starting, which to be fair is understandable seeing as it’s only around the first five minutes and then we (and they) are thrown in at the deep end, quite literally! All films have their downsides, this was there’s. You can tell I’m nitpicking when the only problem I have with the film is a bit of a slow start, but that’s as far as I can go with ‘bad’ points.

Verdict: 5/5

I could have quite easily done an extensive review for this film, however, there is no point reading me talking about the whole film, when you could just go and watch it. As an avid film lover, I agree that due to costs and the number of ‘good’ films being released that it’s not always easy to know if a film will be good or not and whether to give it a chance, simple answer; yes.
If you are a fan of either Sandra Bullock or George Clooney then you need to watch it, if only for their outstanding performances.

I could natter on about everything every other review has said about this much-hyped film, but I think it would be better if I was to say my own experience of the film and why you should most definitely watch it on the big screen…

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t go in to this film open-minded, I went in thinking ‘this film is going to be epic’ because very rarely do you see so many critics agreeing that a film is this brilliant, spectacular, genre-changing…it was epic, though.

I have favourite films that I love because they’re funny or they have great dialogue or a bunch of my favourite actors in, but this was something else. I cried about four times whilst watching because the pain is so real. If Sandra Bullock doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for this, then the world truly has gone mad because she is so believable, in the sense that if someone would ask you who that is you wouldn’t think ‘oh, that’s Sandra Bullock from The Proposal‘ you would think, that’s Dr. Ryan Stone. I have a soft spot for films that make me think a lot or change my perspective for a few minutes, yet I watched this film well over four hours ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. I left the cinema feeling drained, proud and speechless all at the same time. It inspired me. It’s incredible how a film like that can imprint on someone’s mind so much, that they change the way they think because of it, that to me, is what put the film in a league of its own. Very few films can do that, Gravity has now been added to that list.

I will say one thing, if you’re questioning whether or not to watch it in the cinema or wait for it to come on DVD, then definitely watch it at the cinema, no questions asked. Unless you have a 100″+ TV screen, surround sound and complete silence, no distractions then maybe watch it at home, otherwise watch it at the cinema. Even if you only watch one film this year, make it this one!


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