Thanksgiving At Mrs. Wolowitzs’ Doesn’t Exactly Go Down Without A Hitch In ‘The Big Bang Theory’!


Yes I have to admit I’m pretty proud of that pun in the title! Moving on…the ninth episode of TBBT was all about the beloved American holiday, Thanksgiving. This episode featured a couple of surprises and the return of an ‘old flame’ of Penny’s.

‘The Thanksgiving Decoupling’ was pretty much a group narrative rather than being split off in to separate smaller stories.

We start off at the apartment; Leonard, Penny and Sheldon are discussing the tipping of cows (odd, even for The Big Bang Theory!) after they come to agree on the fact that Penny was drunk (no surprise there), Howard comes in the door asking them if they’ll come to his mother’s house for Thanksgiving as Bernie’s dad has been invited and he feels awkward around him. After many complaints about going, from Sheldon, Penny tells him that ‘nice’ Thanksgiving’s are possible, saying that she had a nice one in Vegas with Zack a few years ago, pointing out that they even went ‘to one of those cheesy wedding chapels’, prompting Leonard, Sheldon and Amy to break the news to her that she’s probably married.

At the Wolowitz house, Bernadette’s dad has just turned up with beer in hand, saying he just wants a quiet day – he’s obviously in the wrong household because Howard and his mother are heard arguing about her gout medication. It was Howard’s mother, who was hosting/holding the dinner, but of course we never saw her, which begs the question, will we ever see the infamous Mrs Wolowitz?

Sheldon is still moaning during the car journey to Mrs Wolowitz, whilst Penny and Leonard are arguing over her unfortunate marriage to Zack those few years ago. When they arrive; Raj is head cook and recruits Amy and Bernadette to help him cook the dinner. Penny and Leonard are still feuding and Howard tries (and fails) to start a flowing conversation with Bernadette’s father, Mike. Surprisingly, Sheldon and Mike start to bond over football, after Sheldon tells him of his experience watching football as a youngster with his dad before he was allowed to do his homework. Howard gets jealous because he’s been trying hard with Mike but he just doesn’t seem to accept him.

Meanwhile, Penny somehow ends up inviting Zach over to the Thanksgiving ‘celebrations’ to get the marriage annulled.

Back with Shike (Sheldon & Mike – c’mon there’s a proper bromance going on here), Howard goes to fetch another beer for Mike, who asks Sheldon about his father, he informs him that his father died when he was 14, Mike suggests that he and Sheldon have a beer together seeing as Sheldon never got to have one with his dad. What we then witnessed was pure genius, a proper DRUNK Sheldon!

Zach arrives and showcases his intelligence when discussing his quick Vegas marriage, with Penny and Leonard. After expressing his concerns to Penny and telling her that he hasn’t been a good husband, the two sign the papers and officially end their short-known marriage.

The gang then have the Thanksgiving dinner that has been prepared by Raj, Bernie and Amy Sheldon exits the room, Penny tells Leonard that the next time she gets married it will be because of love…or money. Sheldon re-enters the room announcing that he has just vomited all over the clowns in Mrs Wolowitz’s house.


– [Conversation between Leonard and Penny]

“Sheldon, you can have a nice Thanksgiving anywhere, I spent one in Vegas” – Penny
“You did?” – Leonard
“Yeah, back when I was dating Zack, it was actually more fun than I thought, we gambled, we went to one of those cheesy wedding chapels, we had a really good turkey dinner which was surprising since we were at a strip club” – Penny
“Wait, you went to a chapel” – Leonard
“Yeah” – Penny
“Why?” Leonard
“We had one of those silly fake weddings” – Penny
“Penny, you know those are real, right?” – Leonard
“No they’re not” – Penny
“Yeah they are” – Leonard
“No they’re not” – Penny
“Yeah they are” – Leonard

– “Can’t believe you’re married to that idiot” – Leonard
“Would you stop, we just did it as a goof” – Penny
“A goof or not you’re actually married, you need to get this taken care of” – Leonard
“I will, why are you making this such a big deal?” – Penny
“Oooh I have a reason, it could be because you said yes to marrying Zack, but every time Leonard’s proposed he’s got a resounding no” – Leonard

– “My, my the plot like my gravy, thickens” – Raj

– Drunk Sheldon!!!


One thought on “Thanksgiving At Mrs. Wolowitzs’ Doesn’t Exactly Go Down Without A Hitch In ‘The Big Bang Theory’!

  1. this was one of the best episodes of Big Bang theory…

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