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Just thought I’d let you know I now have a tumblr page too (well, I’ve had it a while but only just started to use it properly). So feel free to check it out if ya like 🙂

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Top 5 Albums Of 2013!

2013 hasn’t necessarily been the best year…but it has been a great year for music. Among the hundreds of albums that charted in the top 40; I’ve picked my five personal favourites. 2013 has also been a year of surprises in the music industry; Justin Timberlake announcing that he was working on new music then BeyoncĂ© dropping her album at midnight, pop stars are having to find different ways to make people listen to their music first of all, without even buying it. Here are my favourite five albums this year (not in order): Continue reading

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer!

This film has the potential to be a real game-changer. Kristen Wiig is one of my favourite actresses anyway, but this looks like something really different for Ben Stiller which is great, he usually does the typical comedy that does well at the box office but may not necessarily be remembered or noticed as having given a great performance.

The storyline for this film looks so unique and original and the soundtrack on the trailer goes so well, I’m really looking forward to watching it when it’s out over here, depending on how busy I am, a review may be imminent!

The Big Bang Theory Gets Festive With ‘The Cooper Extraction’.


In The Big Bang Theory’s eleventh episode of season seven, we saw the gang (minus Sheldon) come together for the festive season. As Sheldon goes to Texas to be with his family and due to go into labour sister, the group ponder where they would be if it wasn’t for the infamous Sheldon Cooper
and the results are quite surprising.

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Lea Michele Debuts Her Single ‘Cannonball’ On Ellen!

After having watched her interview on Ellen, then watching this performance, I firmly believe Lea Michele is one of the best role models out there. Everything she talked about was so real, you could tell it was coming from the heart; she’s such a strong woman! In her first performance of ‘Cannonball’, Lea looked up at the end, held her heart and smiled – this was so sincere, she knew Cory would be looking down on her ❀

Sheldon Realises He Doesn’t Know What He’s Got Until It’s Gone In The Latest Episode Of TBBT!


The Big Bang Theory returned this week after the Thanksgiving break, with a new episode ‘The Discovery Dissipation’. The episode essentially served as a sequel to the sixth episode of season 7; ‘The Romance Resonance’.

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