The Big Bang Theory Gets Festive With ‘The Cooper Extraction’.


In The Big Bang Theory’s eleventh episode of season seven, we saw the gang (minus Sheldon) come together for the festive season. As Sheldon goes to Texas to be with his family and due to go into labour sister, the group ponder where they would be if it wasn’t for the infamous Sheldon Cooper…and the results are quite surprising.

We start the episode with Sheldon letting the others know that his sister is pregnant and due to give birth soon, so he’s spending Christmas in Texas with his family whilst they await the new arrival.

After he’s gone, Leonard gets the Christmas decoration box out and tells everyone that they can decorate it any way they want seeing as Sheldon isn’t there. After they all mimic Sheldon and his ways, Amy makes them realise that their lives would be very different if it wasn’t for Sheldon.

We then proceed in to a flashback-central episode, in which each character tells the story of how they think their lives would’ve played out if it wasn’t for Sheldon Cooper’s existence or at least impact on their own life. With some interruptions; ahem, Stuart, we are presented with a number of scenarios such as how Penny and Leonard wouldn’t have gotten together, how Bernadette and Howard wouldn’t have properly and what would’ve happened if Leonard never moved in with Sheldon and it was Penny across the hall from Sheldon, no, just no *shudder*.

Amy also explores where she would be if it wasn’t for Sheldon, she realises that she wouldn’t have all the friends she has now and only thinks that he has made an impact on her life and not vice versa. In a super sweet moment, Leonard shows Amy that she’s Sheldon’s screensaver on his laptop, for a guy that isn’t very in tune with his emotions, that is one massive step in the right direction for Mr Cooper.

During the discussion, Sheldon FaceTimes the group with regular (sometimes gory) updates about his sister and how he is coping with the homebirth process.

That’s all folks, no episodes of TBBT for three weeks due to the festive season; I’ll see you back here on 3rd January in ‘The Hesitation Ramification’.


– Raj: Y’know, many people believe that home births are better because the mother is in a warm, comfortable environment where she can be nurtured by loved ones.

Sheldon: And turn the bedroom floor in to an amniotic slip’n’slide.

– Flashbacks to how things would’ve gone if they’d never met Sheldon.

– Fatsuit Leonard.

– Leonard: He made you his screensaver
Amy: Oh, wow, I had no idea…HE IS SO IN TO ME!


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