What’s Your Personality Type? Find Out A LOT About Yourself By Taking The Test!


I remember a while back, I did a personality test that was meant to give ideas of possible careers suited to you. Only recently did I decide to re-do one, but the actual test based on the Myers-Briggs theory. The test is slightly lengthy (72 questions – yes or no answers) and a little wordy, but I can assure you, if you take the time to read the questions and answer honestly, then you will find out a lot more about yourself than you may think…

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My Predictions For The 86th Academy Awards!


It’s not long before the biggest night in Hollywood; the Oscars. Hosted by Ellen Degeneres (for the second time); the Academy Awards will be held at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on March 2nd.

There’s always a lot of buzz around the time the nominations are announced, this year was no different. Who got snubbed and who got the most nominations are usually the hot topics around that sort of time. I haven’t watched all the Oscar-nominated films, but regardless I thought I would do a prediction/who I want to win, similar to what I did for the PCAs. 

Again, I won’t do all the categories, I’ll just do the most important ones/those that interest me. You’d think there would kind of be no point in doing this, seeing as usually the winners at The Golden Globes, SAG and Critics’ Choice usually give you an inkling as to who will scoop what. However, The Oscars are undoubtedly the biggest and most anticipated awards night in Hollywood and probably even the world. It’s a massive night for all involved and generally just anyone who loves films. I find it kind of therapeutic in weird way also, because it’s like we’re saying goodbye to the films of 2013 (and 2014 occasionally), and opening the year up to future Oscar contenders…

…Anyway, without further or do, let the predictions commence!

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Pretty Little Liars 4×16 ‘Close Encounters’ Promo

I’m not gonna lie, the past two episodes of PLL haven’t been all that great, however, the promo for 4×16 looks quite promising. Finally after THAT reveal in the Halloween ep of Alison being alive, we still haven’t properly seen her. So it looks like this might be the episode to turn things around. Jake returns, Emily and Spencer are arguing and Ezra is going mad (again)…drama, drama.

Josh Peck Guest Stars On The Big Bang Theory In ‘The Occupation Recalibration’.


I’ll be honest and say that this episode of The Big Bang Theory was not the funniest or most entertaining of the series. Not to say that it was bad – it wasn’t, it’s just now the show mostly has episodes of such a high standard, that when you get an episode that exactly doesn’t meet them, you kind of feel a little disappointed.

Carrying on from last week’s events, we see Leonard worrying for his relationship after his non-existent answer to Penny’s surprise proposal.

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Lea Michele Debuts ‘Cannonball’ Music Video!

It’s only been 19 hours since the video was posted on YouTube, but already Glee’s Lea Michele has over 500,000 views on the site. This is a pretty big number considering she’s known more for her acting rather than her solo signing career. Much like the song, the video works as a great interpretation of the lyrics by starting off in a gloomy room and then Lea really comes in to her own showing she’s rising – displayed by the beautifully bright colours.

She really deserves this and hopefully it won’t be too long until she reaches the 1 million mark!