Penny Makes A Surprise Gesture In This Week’s Episode Of The Big Bang Theory!


In the first episode back from the festive season and the first of the New Year; The Big Bang Theory didn’t fail to amuse us in ‘The Hesitation Ramification’.

Following its usual three-story structure; an episode which may seem like it’s following the normal structure in fact make ‘progress’ with one particular character, with the likelihood of more drama ahead.

Penny Faces Some Tough Decisions Ahead…

The episode starts with the gang (minus Bernadette and Penny) all eating together  but being unsociable looking at their phones, Amy makes a remark about the fact they should be enjoying each other’s company rather than being glued to their phones. Penny bursts through the door with some exciting news…she’s landed a part in NCIS (it’s only a small part, but still nonetheless it’s a part on a big show and Penny and the rest of the gang are excited).

Next, we learn that the episode Penny is starring in will be aired the following night, so the gang prepare to hold a viewing party at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, with food (that Penny has stolen from The Cheesecake Factory) and watch together. The group gather round the TV to watch NCIS, only for Penny to find her scene got cut. Devastated; she runs out the apartment back to hers. Leonard goes to talk to her, only to make things worse by saying he doesn’t think its likely Penny will become an actress and win awards. They argue and Leonard feels bad for doubting her.

Feeling like a bad boyfriend, Leonard goes to Penny informing her that there are auditions for the new Star Wars film. Although, it’s more of a PR stunt, he urges her to audition stating that this could indeed be her ‘big break’; she brushes him off because even the likes of Howard have auditioned for a part (something we get treated to later on). Later…a drunken Penny walks in on Leonard – who is just coming off the phone after ordering some roses, she says that she’s tired of being a waitress and she’s been in LA for 10 years and nothing has happened for her, Leonard says that she has him and she realises that’s all she does have and proposes to him. He doesn’t give an answer, saying ‘uhhh’ as his reply and Penny runs out the apartment saying she wants to be left alone.

In a discussion with Sheldon at night, Leonard ponders the fact that their relationship may be over seeing as he didn’t say yes to Penny, but he doesn’t want to talk to her in case that is the hard truth. Presumably more to come next week!

Raj and Stuart Go Out…

…Not together, but Raj is using Stuart as his +1 seeing as he doesn’t have a girlfriend. It seems like they need to talk to Barney Stinson because they have no game. Raj said he just doesn’t know what to say to girls when he meets them, so Bernie and Howard suggest they go and meet ‘normal people’ and practice talking to them rather than pretty girls, so that they’ll feel more confident when the moment arises.

Both men go to the mall to try and meet ‘normal people’, but have no luck (although ironically in the Chuck Lorre vanity card at the end, he apologises to the actress who was cut from the episode who was meant play a pretty girl who spoke to Raj and Stuart). At the end of the episode, it appears the guys are still no closer to getting girlfriends.

Sheldon Channels His Inner Comedian…

Sheldon Cooper getting confused is not a sentence you’re likely to hear often, but whilst the guys are talking, one of them makes a joke about Howard’s mum. Sheldon doesn’t fully get why it’s meant to be funny and looks at it from a more analytical viewpoint. When he makes his own jokes up (which he thinks are very hilarious) and the guys don’t laugh, he decides to work on his ‘funny’.

Naturally, the answer on ‘how to be funny’ would come in a book form for Sheldon. He tries to find the right balance of science, tragedy, timing and drama when telling his jokes but still doesn’t have much luck, boring Amy along the way. Sheldon’s best attempt is when he says you have shock the person you’re telling the joke to, whilst Amy is in mid-conversation about the science side of humour, Sheldon pulls his trousers down, which was probably the funniest of all the things he had done – it made Amy laugh too!

Join me next week to see more of the drama unravelling in ‘The Occupation Recalibration’.


– Sheldon’s lame jokes

– Penny: Hey guys don’t forget my episode is on TV tomorrow night
Howard: We’ll be there
Raj: Can we bring anything?
Penny: Oh that’s so sweet of you but I was gonna steal food from here [The Cheesecake Factory], you know, my treat.

– The scene where Amy and Sheldon are discussing humour and Sheldon then pulls his trousers down.

– Stuart: [Sitting on bench] How about those guys on the bench over there, they look pathetic, maybe we could talk to them.
Raj: That’s a mirror.

– Howard’s Star Wars audition.


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