Josh Peck Guest Stars On The Big Bang Theory In ‘The Occupation Recalibration’.


I’ll be honest and say that this episode of The Big Bang Theory was not the funniest or most entertaining of the series. Not to say that it was bad – it wasn’t, it’s just now the show mostly has episodes of such a high standard, that when you get an episode that exactly doesn’t meet them, you kind of feel a little disappointed.

Carrying on from last week’s events, we see Leonard worrying for his relationship after his non-existent answer to Penny’s surprise proposal.

Penny and Leonard…what’s going on?

So, last week, Penny realised that she’s been in LA for 10 years and still hasn’t received her big acting break. Everything was turning to rubbish, so naturally she got drunk and proposed to Leonard. He didn’t really give an answer, prompting Penny to storm out and him to worry about where their relationship is going.

Following on from that, Leonard goes to talk to Penny. They briefly discuss their relationship, and Penny says that she doesn’t want to break up with him. She then informs Leonard that she’s quit her job at The Cheesecake Factory in order to fully focus on her acting career. Leonard supports her in this (we as the viewer see that he doesn’t actually think it’s a good idea)
– Side note: is it just me, or has Leonard sort of lost his backbone, why can’t he communicate with Penny? I understand he loves her, but it’s like he’s gone around in a full circle like when he was first dating her. The relationship was delicate and he didn’t want to say anything that would ‘put her off’, but now they’re meant to be in this good, healthy relationship where they talk to one another…but they just don’t, talk.

Whilst this is going on, Sheldon is upset that he has time off work and doesn’t know what to do with himself. He ends up running errands with Penny, one of which ends up at The Cheesecake Factory. Leonard happens to phone Penny and asks where she is, when she tells him, he jumps in and says  he’s happy that she’s decided not to quit her job and that it wouldn’t be a good idea, she then tells him that she was only there to hand in her uniform, more tension ahead.
Sheldon and Penny discuss what she should do regarding her acting career. Sheldon backs her up and says that he thinks she’s making the right decision, something that makes Penny happy. When Leonard returns home Penny and Sheldon are doing yoga (no, this isn’t a dream), he and Penny talk, but still nothing much comes of it, so I guess we’ll have to see how that pans out next episode.

Amy has an admirer…

Seeing as its Sheldon’s time off work, Howard and Raj drop in on Amy and ask her to lunch. Just as they’re about to leave, Burt (an awkward-looking geologist who works at the University), gives Amy a pretty rock. She doesn’t realise he likes her until Raj and Howard point it out to her. She tries to tell Burt that she has a boyfriend, but he doesn’t accept it and just says she’s only saying that because she doesn’t want to date him. He fakes getting upset which tricks her into agreeing to attend a rock convention with him. Amy’s not sure how to let him down gently, so instead Raj and Howard ‘volunteer’ to do it, opting for the ‘she’s a lesbian’ line. At the end, Raj and Howard are seen in Burt’s car going to the convention.

Bernadette meets Stuart’s nemesis…

Bernie goes in to the comic book store to ask Stuart if he has a particular comic because she left her curling irons on Howard’s for too long and it’s ruined. He has a look for her and can’t find it, but does inform her of another shop that sells it, one where the owner isn’t so kind to Stuart. He offers to shut up his empty shop to go with her. When they get there, we see how advanced and classier this shop is and how many of Stuart’s customers have been converted. Of course the comic book store owner is guest star Josh Peck, star of Drake and Josh. Playing a smarmy character; he acts like a bit of an ass to Stuart, so Bernadette refuses to buy the comic off him…later on she returns to buy it, but only yells at him (in true Bernadette style).


TBBT isn’t on now for three weeks, it will be returning on Thursday 30th January.


  • Leonard: [gesturing to Sheldon like a dog] “Sheldon stay, I said stay”
  • Sheldon and Penny’s friendship (doing yoga together etc.)
  • Burt chanting ‘rock show’ with an unamused Howard and Raj in the car.
  • Bernadette yelling at the comic book guy.
  • Leonard: [to Penny] How did you get Sheldon to do Yoga?
    Sheldon: Well in all honesty I thought she said Yoda.

One thought on “Josh Peck Guest Stars On The Big Bang Theory In ‘The Occupation Recalibration’.

  1. I think it would be a good idea to replace sheldon with josh becuz not only he is better looking now but sheldon is just plain out right down annoying. says me the 14 year old girl.

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