Pretty Little Liars 4×14 Review and 4X15 ‘Love ShAck, Baby’ Promo


PLL returned to our TV screens last Tuesday with it’s record-breaking (down to Twitter) winter premiere.In the episode we saw Caleb briefly return to Rosewood before an emotional break-up scene with Hanna, leading him towards a Ravenswood return…no, Haleb *sad face*.

Also, Aria slept with Ezra; unbeknownst to her that he is supposedly ‘A’ and despite the fact she’s still in a relationship with Jake (who wasn’t present in this episode). They discuss plans after Aria finishes Senior year and Ezra leaves Rosewood High School.

Toby also returned after finally getting some answers about his mother’s death. He and Spencer finally found a legal way to get the records changed regarding how his mother died. Peter Hastings also returned after being absent all season, discussing Jason’s absence with Spencer.

Mrs Dilaurentis offered Ashley Marin a real estate job seeing as she’s still struggling for work in the aftermath of Wilden’s death. The girls try to work out who in fact is ‘in the box’, Emily and Hanna speak to some girls (that look remarkably similar to Em and Han) who also had their friend go missing Labor day of the same year Ali disappeared. Finally, Emily tries to work out how she feels about Ali actually being alive and snaps at Paige because of it.

Next week:

Ezra’s dark side continues to haunt the Liars while they’re in the middle of trying to get Alison to come back and fix things to normal.


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