Pretty Little Liars 4×20 ‘Free Fall’ Promo, Aria Finally Finds Out?!


The second half of Pretty Little Liars season 4 (otherwise known as 4B), hasn’t provided us with much – both answers wise and general progression. The first half of the season seemed to keep up the pace and managed to keep continuity regarding it being the senior year for the liars’, however, as mentioned above, 4B hasn’t done that so well…Saying that, it seems to be picking up the pace now more seeing as we’re heading towards the season finale.

After this week’s Noir-style episode, the girls (excluding Aria) finally caught on that Ezra is by no means a ‘good guy’, in fact the opposite. The promo for 4×20 entitled ‘Free Fall’ seems like it’s going to be a good’un, we might actually get an insight in to Ezra’s motive, because at the moment all we’re getting is shady-looking people meaning we have no idea who’s good or bad anymore, trust no one.

This explosive promo seems to show Aria finally finding out the truth about her beloved. Recently, ABCFamily seem to be tricking us with these promos, in other words ‘their placement of certain scenes/dialogue’ appears differently to how it is in the episode to build drama, but that’s advertising for ya!

Check out the promo for ‘Free Fall’, it definitely looks like an episode not to be missed!!!


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