Save ONE Show – Vote Here!


E! Online are back with their annual ‘Save One Show’ campaign, in which one show considered in danger of cancellation will win, well…nothing. However, whichever show does win, this is put forward to the respective network and in some cases it’s actually enough to push a renewal through.

One example of this, One Tree Hill, which had run for eight drama-filled seasons; got renewed for a final ninth season with thanks to this E! poll. The season was given a 13-episode run which served as a goodbye to longtime fans. 

So, who’s in contention this year? 
Nominations have already been put forward and one round has already passed, we’re now onto round 2!

TV shows still remaining in the contest are:

  • Almost Human (FOX)
  • Beauty and the Beast (CW)
  • Community (NBC)
  • Dracula (NBC)
  • Grimm (NBC)
  • The Following (FOX)
  • Hart of Dixie (CW)
  • Hawaii Five-O (CBS)
  • The Mentalist (FOX)
  • The Mindy Project (FOX)
  • Nashville (ABC)
  • Parenthood (NBC)
  • Revolution (NBC)
  • The Tomorrow People (CW)
  • Trophy Wife (ABC)

Get voting for your favourite show before it’s eliminated – and if it’s in the list of course. 

Round 2 closes tomorrow (Sunday 23rd) at 5pm PST/1am UK time – 24/02. 
Side Note: You can vote as many times as you want, go wild!

Vote here.


One thought on “Save ONE Show – Vote Here!

  1. Damn, I would have voted for Mindy.

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