Farewell, How I Met Your Mother!


I cannot believe How I Met Your Mother is finally coming to an end tonight. I always wonder if people who aren’t necessarily TV lovers, think it’s weird how attached people get to TV shows. It’s because these shows are with us all the time, they’re by our side through different stages of our lives, always there to rely on. These shows actually shape part of our life – it sounds dramatic but it’s true. 

HIMYM has been on air for 9 years now. That’s like half of my life. You’re living your life whilst they’re (the characters) are living theirs. It makes me sad to see any TV show I love ending, but because of the amazing chemistry and family-like bond between the actors it just seems so much harder. I feel a little bit in denial, the fact that we have all these past episodes and tonight is the last ever. We’ll never get to see another ‘goofy’ or heartfelt episode. We’ll know how their story ends. No more ‘legen…(wait for it)..dary’ or ‘challenge accepted’ and no new music from the beloved Canadian superstar, Robin Sparkles. 

Goodbye HIMYM, it feels like I’m saying farewell to a good friend.



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