25 Songs I Would Like To See Covered In The Final Season Of Glee!!!




Ok, so I tend to do one of these after each season has finish, in preparation for the season ahead. I know it’s unlikely any of these will actually be covered seeing as Glee won’t be having a full 22-episode season this year (technically next year), however I just wanted to see for myself how many songs there are that I still want them to cover. Over the past five seasons the show has covered over 600+ songs, but there are still songs I would love to see them cover. Below is a list of 25 songs (with accompanying videos of the original) I would like to see Glee cover (with who I think should sing them, also) Enjoy! Also, feel free to comment with songs you would like to see the cast cover 🙂

  1. Legendary Lovers (originally by Katy Perry) – Rachel
  2. Hold On For Dear Love (originally by Bridgit Mendler) – Santana
  3. I Was Here (originally by Beyonce) – Santana
  4. Pretty Hurts (originally by Beyonce) – Mercedes
  5. Human (originally by Christina Perri) – Kurt
  6. For The First Time (originally by John Legend) – Blaine
  7. Sexyback (originally by Justin Timberlake) – Santana/Sam
  8. Wings (originally by Birdy) – Santana/Rachel
  9. Say Something (originally by A Great Big World) – Mercedes/Rachel/Blaine/Kurt
  10. Jealous (originally by Beyonce)  – Santana
  11. I Believe (originally by Christina Perri) – Tina
  12. Let It Go (originally by Demi Lovato) – Santana
  13. Adorn (originally by Miguel) – Artie
  14. Mirrors (originally by Justin Timberlake) – Artie
  15. You and I (Nobody in the World) (originally by John Legend) – Santana/Brittany
  16. Can’t Remember To Forget You (originally by Shakira feat. Rihanna) – Santana/Rachel
  17. What You Wanted (originally by One Republic) – Blaine/Kurt/Rachel/Santana/Mercedes/Sam/Artie/Brittany
  18. I Know You Care (originally by Ellie Goulding) – Mercedes or Santana
  19. Too Close (originally by Alex Clare) – Blaine
  20. Incredible (originally by Celine Dion feat. Ne-Yo) – Rachel/Blaine
  21. Fine China (originally by Chris Brown) – Sam
  22. We Both Know (originally by Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat) – Kurt/Blaine
  23. Love Never Felt So Good (originally by Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake) – Blaine/Santana
  24. Memories – (originally by David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi) – Santana/Blaine/Rachel/Kurt
  25. Bad Religion (originally by Frank Ocean) – Santana

Here’s the link to my previous post last year stating what songs I hoped would be covered this year > Glee Songs for S5


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