REVIEW: Katy Perry ‘The Prismatic Tour’ (13th May 2014)


It’s been nearly two months after the event, but I’ve finally managed to fit in some time to write a review on Katy Perry’s most recent tour; The Prismatic World Tour’, aka one of the best, if not the best tour I have ever been to!

Back in April 2011, I was excited to see Katy Perry perform at Wembley Arena, London for the first time. She was becoming more and more popular and I really loved her album Teenage Dream – it’s most definitely one of my favourite albums ever. I didn’t think it was possible to top this, it was fun, emotional and just generally an amazing show. The fact that Katy interacted with the audience, talking about British TV and delicacies, made it that little bit more special.

After Prism was released, it took me a few plays before I could fully get in to it. Of course it was brilliant, but it didn’t feel to be on the same level as her previous work. After my experience at her last tour of course I was going to go to ‘The Prismatic Tour’, there was no doubt about it.

I attended one of KP’s first shows during her first (European) leg of the tour – 13th May at the LG Arena, Birmingham.

I made a point of taking a little extra spending money because I wanted to buy more than I had previously (last time I bought a glow stick which my cat turned on during the night and made it run out of battery – I was not amused 😛 ). This time once I bustled my way through the queue to the merchandise stand, I bought a black T-shirt with a prism/multi-coloured Katy Perry print on the front and the tour dates on the back, this cost £25. That was all I was going to buy…however, once I saw my friend’s wristband I was determined to go back and get one after the show, I did, despite the 20 minute wait in line. Again, it was a mutli-coloured thin plastic wristband with Katy ‘PRISM’ (in a triangle) Perry for £5.

We were seated towards the back however we still had a good view of the stage. Icona Pop were the support act, and they were brilliant. Very energetic, despite most people not knowing any of their songs except ‘I Love It’. They were the best kind of support act for someone as enthusiastic as Katy Perry, a step up from her support act last time.

…Then, Katy Perry herself arrived on stage, the party didn’t stop until the very end.  The set list as follows:

Set list:


Part of Me
Wide Awake
This Moment / Love Me


Dark Horse
Legendary Lovers
I Kissed a Girl


Hot N Cold
International Smile/Vogue


By the Grace of God
The One That Got Away / Thinking of You
Double Rainbow


Walking on Air
It Takes Two
This Is How We Do / Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)


Teenage Dream
California Gurls




The songs themselves were incredible, going back to the point I made earlier about this album not being on the same level as her earlier records, I take that back completely. It seems what I was failing to notice was just the direction in which she was taking her music. Reports before the album was released stated Prism as being more of a ‘mature’ sound. Now I love ballads and sad songs etc. but I only seemed to notice the power, the struggle and the raw emotion of these songs when I saw Katy Perry perform these herself, in person. ‘By the Grace of God’, ‘Love Me’ and ‘This Moment’ performed from the new album, really outlined this!

Saying that, all of the songs are not slow and boring, this album still very much has its ‘fun’ factor. The performances of ‘This is How We Do’, ‘International Smile’ and ‘Walking on Air’ especially stood out in this area.

Now we all know that Katy Perry isn’t just known for her music, she is one of, if not the the best performers there is. This was especially made known by just looked at all the different props, sets, (many) costume changes and dancing styles shown on stage, it was essentially a masterclass to all her biggest rivals, this is how we do…a show! The performance element made this so enjoyable, it really was one of the best nights of my life. Katy Perry made it look so natural, she spoke to the audience frequently about all kinds of things, heartache, cats – there were lots of cat references in the show, and just how grateful she was to be here and have such a fanbase. I remember vividly she said ‘it feels weird being here, I feel like I should be in the crowd with you guys saying ‘yay Beyoncé” for some reason this just made me realise how down to earth she really is, she knows she’s lucky to be where she is and she’s taking none of it for granted. She’s had a tough couple of years so I’m glad to see the pure joy she’s feeling from performing live again.

In conclusion, Katy Perry ‘The Prismatic Tour’ was the best tour I’ve ever been to – that’s a bold statement, I know, but I say it with good reason. I had the time of my life, singing all the songs (old and new), dancing and just feeling super grateful to be where I was in that moment – I’m aware I’m referencing her songs without intention, also. Now that she’s on her North American leg of the tour, I hope everyone manages to get out and see it, it may be expensive, but believe me you won’t regret it for a second!

Rating: 10/10 – It will take heck of a lot to beat this tour!

Next up: John Legend – October 2014 🙂


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Katy Perry ‘The Prismatic Tour’ (13th May 2014)

  1. I personally love how colorful, bright and kiddie it was! Her rainbow themes are so stop on. It truly was a color fest it there, wasn’t it?

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