Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5 Finn Hudson Songs/Performances


When Cory Monteith passed away in July 2013, I, amongst floods of people were deeply upset by the loss of such an inspirational and admirable person who was taken at such a young age. He was such an amazing human being and an equally talented actor who had so much ahead of him. Getting to play the role of Finn Hudson in Glee really changed his life. Along with his generosity and good sense of humor, Cory was grateful, something which was very apparent. He wasn’t much of a singer at the start of the show but really developed a beautiful voice – my favourite male voice on the show. Below is a countdown of my best Finn songs/performances. Previously in my Santana Lopez song post I separated it in to solos and group numbers/duets/back-up, however after revisiting the repertoire it seems Finn didn’t have a lot of solos to justify cutting out some of his sensational duets, therefore i have combined solos and duets.

Without further or do lets proceed to my top 5 songs…


No. 5 – Pretending (2×22 “New York”)

No. 4 – Damn It, Janet (2×05 “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”)

No. 3 – We’ve Got Tonite (4×14 “I Do”)

No. 2 – Faithfully (1×22 “Journey”)

No. 1 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (3×07 “I Kissed A Girl”)

Group Number:

No. 5 – Don’t Dream It’s Over (4×09 “Swan Song”)

No. 4 – Tongue Tied (3×21 “Nationals”)

No. 3 – The Scientist (4×04 “The Break Up”)

No. 2 – One (1×18 “Laryngitis”)

No. 1 – Don’t Stop Believin’ (1×01 “Pilot”)

That’s it for my favourite Finn Hudson songs. Do you agree with me? Please comment your thoughts/favourite songs! Next up: the one and only Rachel Berry played by the talented Lea Michele.


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