Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5/10 Rachel Berry Songs/Performances


As Glee, its cast and fans prepare to say goodbye to the show; the show bows out with its final swan song tonight;(20th March) (an episode reference there for those that missed it, ha!) I have had time to reflect on all my favourite performances over the past six years. Who can believe how fast the time has gone?! Truth is, Glee has played an important part in many peoples’ lives. The show can be thanked for forming friendships across the globe, making a massive impact on pop culture and of course taking up MBs in people’s iTunes libraries. 

Rachel Berry, played by the incredibly talented Lea Michele has definitely booked her spot as one of the most memorable television characters. She’s not like most teenage girls on TV which is refreshing to see. Rachel is determined, fearless and passionate like some character’s we are familiar with, however what sets her apart from most is her drive. Being on Broadway is her being, she can imagine it so therefore she knows its possible – which is a smart message to put across to the younger generations. You can dream, and it can come true, with hard work just like Rachel has shown.

Her strong voice proved perfect for a ballad which is something Rachel was no stranger too, just like Lea in real life. Below are my top 6 solos and top 10 duets/group numbers – I couldn’t whittle it down any more, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SONGS LEA HAS COVERED?! This was tough. To help me further, I have decided not to include songs that were in my Santana Lopez and Finn Hudson posts so I could have more variety and include more songs of course!


No. 6 – Gives You Hell (1×14 “Hell-O”)

No. 5 – Go Your Own Way (2×19 “Rumours”)

No. 4 – Without You (3×10 “Yes/No”)

No. 3 – Cry (3×18 “Choke”)

No. 2 – To Love You More (4×22 “All or Nothing”)

No. 1 – Make You Feel My Love (5×03 “The Quarterback”)

Group Numbers/Duets:

No. 10 – Be Okay (5×13 “New Directions”)

No. 9 – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (3×10 “Yes/No”)

No. 8 – Don’t Speak (4×04 “The Break Up”)

No. 7 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2×04 “Duets”)

No. 6 – Love Song (4×12 “Naked”)

No. 5 – Need You Now (2×11 “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”)

No. 4 – Brave (5×09 “Frenemies”)

No. 3 – Defying Gravity (1×09 “Wheels”)

No. 2 – How Will I Know (3×17 “Dance with Somebody”)

No. 1 – Hello (1×14 “Hell-O”)

Let me know in the comment what was your favourite Glee song is!!


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