Orphan Black: ‘Certain Agony of the Battlefield’ 3×06 Recap + 3×07 Promo

Rachel (TATIANA MASLANY) and Felix (JORDAN GAVARIS) Source: http://tvafterdark.com/

Source: http://tvafterdark.com/

So, I’ve never recapped Orphan Black before, despite having watched it from the start. I’ve always loved the series because of its originality and high calibre of acting. Living in the UK means we don’t get it instantly like those in America, so the overnight wait is often a pain, especially considering the avoidance of Twitter too. It was episode six of season 3 ‘Certain Agony of the Battlefield’ which aired on 23rd May, which compelled me to write my first.

Here goes…

1) Oh, Alison and Donnie…

I’m not sure if it was just me, but at the start of the show back in season 1, Donnie Hendrix used to annoy the shit out of me. Maybe it’s because he was shady as hell, or simply because he was out of the loop (as we thought anyway). Ever since we found out Donnie was on Alison’s side during S2 (he even killed Dr Leekie, albeit accidentally) he has made his way in to my good books. However it’s season 3 where he has really won me over. I now LOVE Alison and Donnie, at the moment they’re bringing the comedic relief to the show which is very much needed with all the drama going on.

Whilst the other clones are busy getting seduced by spiritual healers, held captive and getting pumped with Castor blood or running around the desert with an imaginary scorpion, it seems Alison and Donnie have got it good at the moment. In fact. they’re raking in the money with thanks to their new low-profile drug business which even the fellow clones aren’t aware of (Felix finds out next week). It’s fair to say the duo have it all going on when you add Ali’s campaign in to the mix also. Of course, I can’t talk about these two without mentioning the hilarious dollar bed scene. Words would not do it justice, so just take a look instead:

https://38.media.tumblr.com/12165bff68255eb0c72176e33eb4ee60/tumblr_novabeLiZz1twirdso3_500.gif https://38.media.tumblr.com/12165bff68255eb0c72176e33eb4ee60/tumblr_novabeLiZz1twirdso3_500.gif

The only thing(s) bothering me with their storyline is that Alison seems so disconnected from the other sestras. They don’t know what is going with her life, similar to her not knowing what is happening in theirs – it’s hard to tell if they’re meant to be communicating off-screen or if they’re just not in contact. Another thing, or shall I say person is Jason. I’m really hoping he’s not going to come between Alison and Donnie, especially because they’re going down the whole ‘high school sweetheart’ road. Next week it looks like they have a lot more going on, Donnie gets kidnapped by drug dealers and it seems they’re wanting a Van Gogh-like souvenir…

2) Felix pays the ‘Cyclops’ a visit

Felix I always knew you had it in you, I just wasn’t sure how far you were willing to go. After taking Gracie to DYAD to meet up with Delphine and Cosima (more on those two later), he pulled Scott aside and asked to be taken to the ‘cyclops’, of course referencing Rachel Duncan who’s not seeing so clearly at current (poor, poor pun, I apologise). Upon entering her room?, a desperate Felix (after a skype session with Kira who thinks her mum is mad at her) vows to get answers about his sister’s whereabouts, and if anyone knows where Sarah is being held, it will be Rachel. Of course, as we saw in 3×01, the damage of the pencil that Sarah stabbed in Rachel’s eye has caused damage to her sight and speech.

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I digress. After much hounding Rachel practically gave Felix nothing to work with. Felix had a breakdown caused by the continued worry of Sarah’s disappearance, even drawing a fake eye on her bandage using Rachel’s paintbrush (she paints now…) and then proceeding to prod her with it (eww). This was strangely the first time I felt bad for her, as did many from what I have read. Once a hardened woman, who now seems vulnerable, pleading for Scott and Felix to get her out of there. As Felix left, Scott noticed some symbols on Rachel’s paintings, without her looking he nabbed one and took it with him. We later go on to see that Scott on the phone to Cosima (mid make-out session) to say he recognised the symbols from the secret book Prof. Duncan gave to Cosima, is Rachel the key to figuring out a cure?

3) Cosima vs Delphine?

We all knew it was coming this week, Delphine aka Dr Cormier made her return. After taking over Rachel’s duties at DYAD, Delphine has been a busy, busy woman. I found myself wondering if we’re meant to be taking sides between Cosima and Delphine. There’s no exact battle on screen, but the tension between the exes and exchange of words made me wonder. I adore both of them, Cosima has always been my favourite clone with Sarah as a close second, but her actions this week confused me. Delphine, similar to my thoughts of Donnie, made me question her loyalties (rightfully so in S1), however after Cosima’s declining health in season 2, it was clear Delphine just wanted what was best for her eskimo pie-lovin’ girl.

The first we see of Cos this episode is her lying in bed with Shay in her underwear making breakfast. She looks happy, which is good as she’s not had a lot to smile about recently, but when Shay asks ‘who’s Sarah’ she quickly adjusts herself and asks how she knows that name. Her new woman replies that Cos was saying it in her sleep, which is of course plausible because of the worry, but nah I just don’t buy it. Perhaps because pretty much every new addition to this show has a hidden agenda? or maybe I’m just paranoid?

Next we see Scott pacing up and down outside the lift, Cosima gets out to which he replies she’s late, she looks like she hasn’t a care in the world. Before Scott can stop her, Cosima walks in to the lab to be blindsided by Delphine sat down. Taken aback, Cosima says ‘you’re back’ to which Delphine replies ‘I came back as soon as I found out Sarah was missing’, when Cosima replied ‘five days too late’ I knew that what would ensue between the pair would be coldness, tension, but still an unspoken love between the pair. Whilst waiting for Gracie and Felix to arrive, Delphine makes it clear that she’s not out of the loop, she mentions Cosima being late to work and asks if she’s feeling ok, and if she has anything to tell her, Cosima is fairly blunt not giving her much to work with.

They find out the condition Gracie has is a form of STD passed on by Mark (something all the Castor boys have), effectively sterilising her, meaning she can’t have any more kids. Cosima does her best to comfort her before she leaves. That’s when Cosima gets her coat, before she can leave Delphine calls her name, prompting…


You can see it in Cosima’s eyes that she has by no means gotten over Delphine, but doesn’t want to essentially give in after all the hurt and pining she’s gone through. So instead, she leaves not uttering a word. We later see Delphine to be the one who was having Cosima & Shay spied on (no surprise at all), her intentions however are still unclear. Knocking a whiskey back; she looked pissed off and jealous as you would expect whilst looking at the photos, but I don’t think she’s simply spying on her ex-lover who still very much has feelings for, I think this has to do with her protecting Cosima, either in terms of checking she’s ok because of her condition or keeping an eye on Shay who she visits next week (thanks to the promo), showdown?

Immediately after the ‘I miss you’, Cos goes to Shay’s place with the intention of slowing things down, but in her own words ‘now that I see you, I kinda just wanna make out for 7 hours straight’…cue another make-out between the pair, which is interrupted by Scott’s phone call. As I mentioned, are we supposed to be on Delphine’s side because she had to break up with Cos due to her new position and wanting to love the clones equally, or Cosima because she’s just trying to mend what Delphine broke? I’m not sure. It’s clear there is still a lot unsaid between the two, and I think Cosima is just acting out because she’s hurt. Time will tell…

4) Noooo….Paul!!!

Excuse me whilst I go cry. I had a feeling when I saw the ‘previously on Orphan Black’ that something would happen to Paul or something significant to do with Beth – both happened. After Helena’s escape, Sarah is having hallucinations about Kira and getting bad blood from the Castor clones (did I really just manage to sneak in a Swifty reference?). It turns out the bit about the blood actually did happen and now Sarah is in a distressed state, with a fever and all. Paul returns and asks Coady what on Earth she has done to Sarah, she utters some garbage about testing.

Paul is in talks with an outside operative who tells him to get the dirt on what is happening in the military camp after passing on the handbook of one of the Castor clones sexual conquests. The man says to Paul, if he can get further evidence of wrongdoings in the camp, they can take action. Paul manages to get the most tolerable Castor boy, Mark on board, who gives him a key to look at documents. He eventually stumbles upon the fact that the boys’ are giving their sexual partners their defect in the form of an STD – this sterilises the girls. He enlists the help of the rest of the army people minus Coady and her sons, to stop what is going on. He calls the man he was talking to earlier who says he will send a team down.

Amidst all this, Sarah envisions Beth. She talks to her, in what is just one of the many fine displays of Tatiana’s talent. Most actors or actresses need someone to bounce off when in an intense scene, but somehow Tat manages to do this on her own. You really do forget that she is the person who is currently in a room with some level of brain damage, or that she’s the clever scientist, she’s simply not just Sarah Manning. In the touching moment between them. Beth tells Sarah she jumped in front of the train because she couldn’t get her head around it all. Giving words of wisdom before she leaves, Beth says ‘stop asking why, start asking who’, sounds intriguing.

Back to Paul; with the help he needs, he storms Coady and co. telling them all he knows disarming them and freeing Sarah. They ask why Coady is doing it, to which she says her reasons are that it could eventually be used as a weapon. So they were just testing it, for some reason Sarah is immune. Paul and Sarah look to escape, meanwhile Rudy is searching the desert for Helena who is exhausted. She eats her Scorpion friend Pupok and the rest is unknown…for now.

As time presses on, Sarah and Paul are running as they have heard Rudy is back. They hide as one of the boys are coming close, whilst attempting to disarm him, Paul manages to get himself stabbed in the stomach area. Sarah helps him up and they proceed with their escape. They go in to a vent which leads to a tunnel, Paul shuts the vent behind Sarah to sacrifice himself. Sarah is mad, as he walks away he says to her ‘It was never Beth I loved’ I knew it! So did she, I think deep down. It was always unclear what his motives were on paper, but I always got the sense he was looking out for her, even in this season when it didn’t seem that way. Paul goes back to the camp, Coady finds him sat on a chair, she shoots him, as his hand drops it reveals he had a grenade, they run for it, but the place explodes. Sarah feels the after effects in the tunnel but is seemingly unhurt. To my utter joy (I was devastated when Helena left her last week), Helena appeared in the tunnel to help her, saying ‘come on, people miss us’ and they go.

RIP Paul Dierden 😥


Next week >>>


2 thoughts on “Orphan Black: ‘Certain Agony of the Battlefield’ 3×06 Recap + 3×07 Promo

  1. Congratulations on your first ever recap! I know how much work it is and you did a great job. I love this show and don’t understand why everyone in the universe isn’t as excited about it as I am.

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