Top 5 Albums Of 2013!

2013 hasn’t necessarily been the best year…but it has been a great year for music. Among the hundreds of albums that charted in the top 40; I’ve picked my five personal favourites. 2013 has also been a year of surprises in the music industry; Justin Timberlake announcing that he was working on new music then Beyoncé dropping her album at midnight, pop stars are having to find different ways to make people listen to their music first of all, without even buying it. Here are my favourite five albums this year (not in order): Continue reading


Big Sean Ft. Kid Cudi – ‘First Chain’

Big Sean performed ‘First Chain’ for the first time on Jimmy Fallon last night. With Nas absent, Kid Cudi was present to perform his verse on the track!

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“It’s crazy how…

“It’s crazy how much that you can see with your eyes closed
‘Specially if you’ve got a vision
Or how you could have everything
And still think about everything missing
Like I probably remember the times that I missed out on
More than the ones I lived”

– Big Sean ‘All Figured Out’.

I like this quote/lyric because it’s so true. The message is basically saying your imagination and creativity has no limits. It then goes on to explore the fact that people never appreciate what they’ve got, they always want more; not necessarily meaning people are greedy, more that it’s a fact of life. People need to see what’s in front of them rather than to always long for more. Not to say people should settle for what they think they’re worth, because people should always try and better their lives if they can; it’s just a message to say appreciate what you do have and don’t focus on what you don’t!