Saying Farewell to Glee: Top 5 Santana Lopez Songs/Performances

Santana Glee

I can’t believe the end of Glee come round so quick. It has gotten to the point where some episodes were considered ‘fillers’ or were just plain stupid ‘The Hurt Locker Pt 1 & 2’ I’m looking at you, however, I am very sad that it’s ending. Like most fans, I grew up with the show during my teenage years, anything that reminds you of how far you have come instantly makes hits a soft spot. I will miss the stories – some of which were ground-breaking and very touching, I will of course miss the characters, but the thing I’m finding hardest to cope with is the fact that no more songs will be covered. My iPod is full of songs performed on the show. I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here, but I find that 90% of the time Glee did a better cover than the original.

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EVERY Glee Kiss Charted (And that’s a lot!)

EVERY Glee Kiss Charted (And that's a lot!)

Courtesy of – Here is a chart of EVERY single Glee kiss. That must’ve taken a lonnngggg time even Miss Pillsbury (or shall I say Schuester) thinks so “All you kids have dated so incestuously that I can’t remember who can tolerate who anymore”

Top 20 Songs Glee Should Cover Next Season!!

Whilst I think Season 4 of Glee has probably been the best in terms of song choices, there are still songs I would like to see covered on the show. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but sometimes when I’m listening to the radio and a song comes on, it think ‘why haven’t Glee covered this yet?’ then I go on to think who I can imagine singing it etc. etc. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED so many songs Glee has covered – I mean they’ve just celebrated their 500th number and I’ve probably liked 85% of them! I should probably thank Ryan Murphy for introducing me to songs I might not have heard/or liked prior to the show! The writers get a lot of slack, due to the lack of character development, consistency, and some of the storylines in general, but if there is anything Glee does best, it’s the music. Below is a list of 20 songs I would like to see covered on Glee – including which character(s) I would like to see sing the song:

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Countdown (25-1) of The Best Songs of Glee Season 4!


Many have said that this season of Glee has been the best… wait for it… in terms of the song selection. Now that we’ve finished season 4 (sobs in the corner) I thought I would countdown the best songs of the season (in my own opinion of course) The Glee cast have covered 131 songs this season, so as you can imagine whittling down the list to just 25 was super hard, here goes: (Possible spoilers ahoy!!!)

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Too many finales, nothing left to watch? My thoughts on the Glee season 4 finale!!


So it’s that time of year again, when all our favourite TV shows finish up for the season. If there is one thing I am, it’s impatient. Girls only finished a month ago, yet I feel like I’ve been waiting for the next season for years. The Following finished on Monday with a MASSIVE cliffhanger, now it’s Glee’s time.

4×22 ‘All Or Nothing’ is the focus of many Glee storylines, this is the episode where everything should be getting tied up, however, unlike the past three seasons, this one will be different. S5 will actually be a continuation of events.

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