A Look At 2015 Academy Best Picture Nominee ‘Selma’


My local cinema didn’t make it easy to watch Selma, not in the slightest. In the end I ended up having to pay for a premium seat (with perks such as comfy leather seats, fresh popcorn and ice-cold coke) so all wasn’t bad, even if this did mean having to hop on the train and go to the city to watch it. Most other films and I wouldn’t have bothered, but there was something I felt compelling me to watch it in the cinema before it was released on DVD.

Boy am I glad I did. I tend to visit the cinema a lot, watching films from Big Hero 6 to the likes of Lincoln. I studied History at school so any movie based on an aspect of History and I’m likely there. I remember learning about Martin Luther King back in primary school. Even back then I was amazed by the immense courage this one human being had – of course he had masses of support behind him, but only after watching the film did I realise the real struggles he faced. Continue reading