How Should YOU Watch ‘Orange is the New Black’?


If you don’t watch OITNB but are pop culture savvy, then I’m sure you’ll be aware of the fact the second season of the incredibly popular Netflix show rolled out Friday 6th June.

I only started watching the show at the end of April (I did ‘binge watch’, also!). It’s a strange thing, to not have to wait until next week to watch what’s happening next, until you watch the show yourself; I can imagine it’s hard for people to understand the buzz surrounding the show. I’m not really one for marathoning shows, I’ll watch four episodes at most in one day (usually). With OITNB I watched the first season in the space of a bank holiday weekend – 3 days. It just so happened that the trailer for S2 pretty much came out straight after so I knew I didn’t have to wait too long before it was out. Continue reading


5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch Netflix Hit Show ‘Orange Is The New Black’


Since the introduction of Twitter, television programmes have ruled the popular social networking site; with shows such as Pretty Little Liars breaking records for the number of tweets sent a minute, to other shows like Scandal completely dominating social media during its airtime, there is quite simply no better time for new TV shows to be cropping up and making a name for themselves. 

Say what you want about Twitter; I firmly believe it is the reason a lot of people’s favourite TV shows are still on-air because of it. The five networks in America (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX and NBC) all have their fair share of different programmes on their schedule, FOX being well-known for their sitcoms and CW for their Sci-Fi shows.

Not so long ago, the online movie-streaming service, Netflix, emerged from the shadows and launched itself in to the limelight when it announced it’s plan to produce ‘original series’, putting it in direct competition with cable networks. 

The Kevin Spacey fronted show, House of Cards, is a Netflix drama. It’s become a massive hit worldwide, even allowing Netflix to receive nominations and push in on the Emmy’s.

Another Netflix original is the widely popular dark comedy, Orange is the New Black, more often abbreviated to ‘OINTB’ on social media.

As mentioned earlier, I believe Twitter has a massive impact on TV shows, it’s become second nature for people to live-tweet whilst their favourite show is airing or discuss events in said TV show with like-minded people they have ‘met’ on Twitter because of the show. Often I see people on my timeline saying things like ‘OMG I cannot believe the ending of…’ or ‘If you haven’t yet watched ‘…’ you need to get on it now!’ etc etc. Like anyone else, there have been shows that I’ve given a go and decided not to follow, but when I saw countless people (celebrities and fellow Twitter acquaintances) raving about this new show Orange is the New Black, I decided to give it a go in my spare time…boy am I glad I did!

If you don’t have people telling what shows to look out for, or you’ve not been convinced by what you’ve seen or heard so far, let me try and convince you as to why you should watch this comedy/drama/crime themed TV show: Continue reading